Find Out Which Tarot Card Matches Your Zodiac Sign And What It Means

Tarot cards have been used for playing French tarot and Italian tarocchini for hundreds of years, but certain tarot cards are associated with each zodiac signs which determine your spirituality.

Aries: The Emperor


Three things define you: Vibrant, leader and charismatic. If the card appears downside up, this is the right time to set some realistic goals and work on them.


Taurus: The Hierophant

If this is your card, then you are a great learner and an excellent guide as well. You will have to work on gaining knowledge. Leave no stone unturned. With time, you will win a lot of wisdom which you will need to guide others.


Gemini: The Lovers

For you, the search for the right person or path is always tough. It’s always a choice of one over the other. Make sure you choose the one that you wish would sustain throughout your life.

Cancer: The Chariot

You focus on building stability to achieve goals in your life.  This tarot card features a chariot, and like a charioteer, you will have to travel and choose your path to achieve success meticulously.

Leo: Strength

Don’t get carried away with the image shown in this tarot card. You will be put through physical, mental and spiritual hardships in your life. But you will emerge as a strong person through the challenges of your life.

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Virgo: The Hermit

Virgo is a compassionate personality. You are susceptible to the power of the outside world. It is better for you to get some alone time so that you can be able to think on your own. All the answers that you are seeking lie within you.

Libra: Justice

You have fairness in your judgment and decisions. You wish the world were all just. But, you need to accept that the world is and will always be filled with flaws no matter what. You need to prepare yourself for the situations where things won’t work your way.

Scorpio: Death

Don’t be shocked at seeing this tarot card. That doesn’t mean death in the literal sense. The card depicts that you are ready to start things anew. Scorpions always find the best way to get through their lives. This means that they will often face transformations as they move forward.

Sagittarius: Temperance

You have very high expectations, but, it is always hard for you to fulfil them. You need to be pragmatic in your journey towards achieving goals. There will be a lot of challenges in your life, but, you need to persevere.

Capricorn: The Devil

Capricorns are very egoistic and will always boast about themselves to make a top place for themselves in the society. You need to get rid of certain toxic thoughts and prejudices that you have for people.

Aquarius: The Star

The tarot card matching with your zodiac sign depicts peace and balance. The star reminds you that you will always shine above the rest in every aspect.

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Pisces: The Moon

This card portrays the moon which is a sign of calmness. Your idealistic nature and your subconscious make your life peaceful. Your intuition serves as a guide to you throughout the life.