Here’s what the shape of your nail reveals about your personality

Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality

What do your fingernails reveal about your personality? Have you ever imagined that you can know more about your personality by simply observing the shape of your fingernails? Believe it or not but they are the key factor in solving a lot of mysterious things about you and can explore your characters in a much better way. Just have a look at this new approach-

Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality

1) C- shape fingernails
Those who possess C-shape nails are really hard-working and dedicated to their work.


2) Oval or Round Shaped fingernails
These people are cheerful, open-minded, friendly and optimistic.

3) Square Shaped Fingernails
Such people are annoyed and impatient in behavior.

4) Elevated Rectangle Shaped Fingernails
Those who possess elevated rectangle nails are selfish and narrow-minded people.

5) Wide Rectangle Shaped Fingernails
These kinds of people are loyal, patient and possess a well-balanced and easy-going life.

6) Almond Shaped Fingernails
Such people are creative, sensitive, and generous. This type of personality is reversed of triangle-shaped one.

7) Triangle Shaped Fingernails
Those women who possess a triangle or a fan-shaped nail then this indicates that you are having anxiety problems.

8) Short Index Fingernails
This one is especially for women. If you possess a smaller index finger then you are at a higher risk of anorexia and assertiveness.

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