Some Pictures That Will Show You The Difference Between Having The First And Second Child

Firstborn vs second born comic-We all know that it is very torturing to give birth to a child and take care of them. But it is also a fact that parents become careless at the time of the second baby. Because when the first baby comes, they don’t know anything about the care of a child. They give attention to tiny things and take it very seriously. Here we will show you the difference between the upbringing of the first and second babies through some comics.

 Firstborn vs second born comic

Firstborn vs second born comicIn the above picture, you can see that a woman who is pregnant and saying to her man that she is in labor pain. Her husband is asking her that is she sure. The scene is hilarious, and the woman replied how she supposed to know because she is going to become a mother the first time. At the time of the second baby, the woman is saying to her husband that she start the car because she is in labor pain and this time she knows that. Her husband is standing carrying her daughter still asking her that is she sure.

Firstborn vs second born comicWe all know that parents don’t know anything about their first child and his take care. It described in the below-given picture that a husband is carrying his screaming baby and asking her lady that why is he crying? Is he hungry? Thirsty? Hot? Cold? The woman is standing aside and screaming that she doesn’t know and saying that we’re bad parents. Parents become more knowledgeable at the time of the second baby. In the picture, the baby is crying, and the man is asking that why is he crying and she is saying that babies always cry.

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Firstborn vs second born comicIn the above picture, the father is saying shouting when his baby put her first step. He is saying,” OMG, it’s her first step!” and Everyone is looking so happy and clicking pictures of the baby. At the time of the second baby, there is no excitement when their baby takes his first step.

Firstborn vs second born comicIn this picture, parents are shopping for their baby girl in a mall. They have purchased so many clothes already, and her husband is saying that”I think we bought too much clothing.” Then the wife replied,” No, my princess will be the most beautiful girl!” And she is collecting more clothes. At the time of the second baby, the parents gave the clothes off the first baby. It became a tradition that the younger child has to wear the clothes his elder brother/sister.

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At the time of the first baby, parents take care of tiny things and keep their child away from everything. And when the second baby arrives they become careless. They think nothing will happen wrong and let that happen as you can see in the picture.

When the first baby comes, the parents become very curious and do not want to take any risk for their baby. As described in the picture, the mother is praising the dog carried by her friend and saying’” what a nice doggy you have, but we can’t pet it.” The second baby makes all the things hilarious as you can see in the picture. The baby boy almost put his whole head in the dog’s mouth. His father is standing by the side and saying to his baby,” Hey, son, let’s show mom what we can do.” By looking at this picture, we can say that parents became less careful at the time of the second baby.

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