Foods You Should Eat To Make Your Body Smell Fragrant

It is very uncomfortable to stay in the crowd with a bad body odour. It makes us embarrassed and feel ashamed. Sometimes body odour is dictated by our genetics, but sometimes it is because of the food we eat.

Here are some foods which produce smell in our body and we should avoid them while going out.

Water vs beer

Drinking water rather than beer makes your body more fragrant. Water removes the toxins from your body that cause the terrible body odour. We know that drinking beer after a lot of day work makes our body relaxed and eliminates the tiredness. But drinking alcohol causes lousy body odour and makes your body smelly.

Yoghurt vs Milk

To make your body odour less you should eat yoghurt rather than drink milk. Yoghurt contains Vitamin D, and it helps in removing the lousy body smell and fights against the bacteria present in the mouth. There are active cultures present in the yoghurt which helps in removing the odour causing sulfite compounds. Milk contains the elements which create a smell in the mouth and body.

Lemon Juice vs Wine

Lemon juice is preferable instead of wine. We know that wine is enjoyable to celebrate the evenings, but drinking alcohol and its over-consumption makes your body smell like alcohol. You should opt for lemon juice with water instead of wine with soda. Lemon juice removes the impurities from the body and helps to detox the body with its antioxidants. Water presents in the sauce makes your body fragrant and fresh.

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Herbal tea vs coffee

Herbal tea is natural as lemon juice. Herbal tea contains a significant amount of antioxidants, and it flushes the toxins which cause the smell in your body. Coffee contains a tremendous amount of caffeine, and it causes acrid body odour.

Apple vs Cauliflower


Cauliflower contains Choline like milk which cause a bad body odour but apple contains natural detergent properties and it removes the bad breath from mouth. Cauliflower also includes Vitamin B which also enhances body smell.

Orange vs Pumpkin

Orange is a citrus fruit, and citrus fruits easily absorbed by the body and smell great. Eating citrus fruits removes the odour from the body and make it feel great.

Cardamom and Cinnamon vs Garlic and onions

Cardamon and Cinnamon are the most delicious ingredients in food. These two ingredients not only makes tasty food but they also provide a fresh and pleasant long lasting smell to our body. Garlic and onions too have a terrible smell and also spreads lousy odour to the body. Garlic and onions contain organic sulfur compounds which get eliminated in the body and produce a scent.

Celery vs Asparagus

Asparagus contains sulfur compounds which produce undesirable body odour. Celery should be opted instead of asparagus. Celery releases pheromones from the body and makes you look attractive to your opposite sex.

Fenugreek seeds vs Pumpkin Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are beneficial in digesting food, and it strengthens our digestive system. These seeds are also helpful in removing the lousy smell from the body. Pumpkin seeds contain choline which spreads the bad body odour.

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Bonus: Eat in Moderation



We know that we cannot eliminate all the things from our diet, but we should control them. Removing all the food items with the fear of body odour will weaken our body. It is not right to eliminate all the foods in one time. You can eat green vegetables, fruits and dairy products systematically. You should set a routine to feed all these things but in moderation. You have to decide your own that what is right for your health.

We know it is difficult to choose the food which is healthy or odour free but we have to do it because there is nothing precious than our health.