Let us look at four stages of raising children based on Tibetan Wisdom.

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Stage 1

Before the age of 5

Tibetan Wisdom Talks About Four Stages Of Raising Children

According to their culture, a parent should talk to them as if they are the royal crown. They should not restrict anything or punish the child.

Kids are pretty inquisitive and curious at this age as they want to explore the world entirely. But they don’t have any experience with them, so they cannot reach any conclusions. If they do something rash, you should look scared and deviate their thoughts to something else. Kids interpret emotions well in this period.

If you become too overprotective regarding your child, you will be restricting them from learning a lot of exciting things by themselves. This will suppress their mental alertness to an extent.

Stage 2

5 to 10 years old

Tibetan Wisdom Talks About Four Stages Of Raising Children

Parents should talk to their children as if he or she is a slave. Don’t be cruel to them, however. Wit and critical thinking develop at this age, and this becomes their base for forming their personality in the future.

Set different goals for your kid and have control over how they would reach their targets. Get your child prepared for any circumstances that might come their way. Don’t be fearful of giving your kids a lot of tasks to bear. They can achieve it all at this age.

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If you won’t be able to shift from the king to slave behavior for your child, the kid will end up being childish and won’t be able to take the blame for his activities.

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Stage 3

10 to 15 years old

Tibetan Wisdom Talks About Four Stages Of Raising Children

Talk to the child as if you are equal to him, it is crucial. You should know that you are definitely experienced with life but let your kid have a say in it based on his experiences with life.

Do ask them for their suggestions and encourage independence within them. Do not prohibit them unnecessarily, take their pieces of advice instead.

Prohibiting everything will worsen your bond with the child who puts you in a dangerous condition. If you become overprotective, they will grow up insecure, depending on others for their needs.

Stage 4

Age 15 and older

Tibetan Wisdom Talks About Four Stages Of Raising Children

Your child is entirely formed by this age. It is essential to be respectful at all times. You should suggest but not teach, as it is too late. You will definitely see the outcome of your upbringing, an independent, self-sufficient and respectful being.

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