Google’s new AI lab in Ghana

Google AI Lab In Ghana To Serve Diversity

Google AI lab in ghana-Google as we know it is one of the few tech companies that always try to be the best, to go beyond their limits which have indeed resulted in some remarkable inventions in recent times. Yes, many may call them a company that makes a lot of money, but it is also one who always pushes the boundaries of human knowledge.

Google is almost everywhere providing cloud storage, hardware, electronic mail service, and now it has also declared itself as “artificial intelligence first”. This statement from Google might just change everything for Google and us as well.


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To get things started Google has launched an artificial intelligence agency in Africa which is quite a bold move from Google. As per the reports, the lab will be run by Senegalese AI champion Mr. Moustapha Cisse.

So why Africa? Well, we know Africa as a charity country, as a country which always receives funds from other countries and states. Africa’s culture and social lifestyle are different than the rest of the world, so a lab there will help towards forming an AI system that will learn and adopt these new habits and lifestyles. Many find it hard to believe, but great AI specialists have an African origin.

One of these mentioned African AI specialists is Mr. Omuju Miller who recently made a statement on how Africa needs to follow China and do what it has done. He said,” The African context is very different from Mountain View or Zurich. What the kinds of innovation Africa needs is similar to the innovative practices we have seen coming out of China, companies like Alibaba and Ant financial.” He also said,” These are companies that are responsible for inventing entire markets that serve the world. That is the kind of innovative thinking we need in Africa. Google AI can play a role in helping us get there.”

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Now, as far as Miller’s reference and statistical data say, China is the leading country when it comes to using Google’s machine learning libraries. So all Africa needs to do is to follow in China’s footsteps and Google might play the hand it requires.

Back in the 2010 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Google showed a picture of the world map with Google’s influence on it. In that picture, Africa was indeed in the dark area. Then again in 2013, in one of Google’s presentation about Google’s cloud platform, Africa was still in the dark. To this, one individual from the audience asked why Africa in the dark?

Back at that time, Google didn’t seem to have any activity in Africa, but it was taking a completely different route. An Artificial Intelligence Lab in Ghana, Africa will make opportunities for new markets in Africa.