Who Knew That These Gross Habits Would Be Good For You?

Gross habits-Although we all have them, we don’t want to talk out loud about it. And we will never get rid of it. These actions could be pretty secretive, sometimes gross. It is like a loop, you never really get out of it once you start doing it.

8 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good

So if I told you that there is not any reason for you to stop it? Why if you may ask, there are some health benefits linked to such habits.

So let us look at why certain habits are good for you!


Golden Stream

Gross habits that are actually good for you

Peeing in the shower in simpler terms. 75% of people do pee in the shower although a lot of people just deny it thinking its gross. I believe everyone must have done this at least once in their lives. There are uric acid and ammonia present in the urine which will help you not get any fungal infections on the toe. You saved some toilet paper by doing this act, haha!


Gross habits that are actually good for you

It has to be one of the ridiculous activities, especially if someone spits in public. It does help you post working out as it helps to ease out our breath. Typically, we breathe through the nose, but during a workout, we use our mouths. Due to the increased production of saliva, our breath cycle is interrupted. When working out, spitting can actually benefit you.

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Bubble Gum

Gross habits that are actually good for you

Chewing gum isn’t gross. Sticking it in odd places is. Chewing gum has its own vices, although not too healthy. Gum helps in improving your memory, increasing your focus and even balances out the hormones in your body. We can call chewing gum better than coffee. What’s more, it lowers your stress levels too.


Gross habits that are actually good for you

This impulse which is really smelly can be in fact, good. Holding it in is definitely not nice. 6 hours into any meal you consume leads to the production of CO2 and Nitrogen. Controlling these gases within you leads to bloating and stomach pains. Around 14 times a day, an average individual releases gas!


Burping can be rude but tell you what, it is essential. It releases the excess air that is present in your system when you eat a lot. Suppressing these gases will lead to chest aches as the gastric acid shifts to the gullet. Excess burping, however, is not a good sign and you should consult a doc in such situations.

Biting Your Nails

Nail Biting

A lot of people bite their nails out of nervousness. This is an unhealthy habit as it can lead harmful bacteria to enter your mouth and cause stomach upsets. But what’s right is that this bacteria will lead the body to produce more WBCs. So every time the bacteria enters your system, the bacteria will be prepared to fight it. Children who have the habit of biting their nails are comparatively lesser prone to allergies, research suggests.

Digging Gold

Almost everyone goes eww when you find someone digging nose. This habit has its good side too. Research suggests that eating snot can actually make your immune system stronger. Snot has salivary mucins that can combat the cavities-causing bacteria. The system also produces excess WBCs against the bacteria present in the snot.

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Skipping Showers

Skipping A Bath

All of us skip showers just because we are lazy. It could be a could thing in fact. Bathing strips the body from any oils it produces and keeps one hydrated. When you take a hot shower, you end up destroying the good bacteria which could be vital for your wellness. For glowing elastic skin, you might reconsider skipping the shower a few times a week.

Don’t these sound really crazy? But don’t you worry, they are all backed up with facts. Who knew certain gross habits might actually be good to you!