Guess what does your shape of lips tells about you

There is a lot of your personality which is hidden deep inside yourself. But do you know those mysteries can be revealed by the shape of your lips which you possess? Yes, it’s true! There are several shape of lips which has their own meaning. Just check out what your pair of lips has to say about you.

Before starting, we would like to tell you something about the word Philium. It refers to the V or U shapes, which is present at the center of upper lips. It can be either pointed or rounded just like V or U shapes or it can be absent. It is a predominant feature which is often highlighted through a liner. These can be in nine forms each having a different story to tell regarding your personality. Just have a look-

1) Twin Peaks (V-shape): Creative personality
2) Uneven Peaks: Sensitive or emotionally weak
3) Cantilever Bridge (Flat-line between peaks): Intrusive
4) Suspension bridge (U shape): Out-ward bound
5) Double convex (two rounded peaks): Loves Flirting
6) Butterfly (Softer V-peaks): Gentle and kind-hearted
7) Dome (Single Curve): Honest
8) Flying bird (outer edge of peak tapers to corner): Nurturing
9) Flat (no points): Practical

Now here we have mentioned another perspective, i.e., what does the shape of your closed lip line has to say about you.
1. Straight – Trustworthy, Conservative
2. Notch or deep wrinkle near the center – Characteristic, Intellectual
3. Turned upwards – Generous, Cautious
4. Turned downwards – Focused, Moody
5. Sinuous (curvy) – Elegant, Intense

Another perception can be the size of upper lip vs. lower lip revealing something about personality
1) Larger upper lip than lower lip – Charming, Verbose, Leader
2) Larger lower lip than upper lip – Daring, Pleasure-seeking, Imaginative
3) Upper and lower lips equal in size – Practical, Unbiased, Intensive

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