Healthy rules that don't work out anymore

A person needs a good 7-hour sleep to function well according to the American Academy of Medicine. Your body recovers and gains energy during this sleep time.


9. Large breakfasts

Healthy rules that don't work out anymore

Breakfast should solely depend on what a person needs early in the morning to get going and based on their body. Food is only useful when you actually want to consume it. If you cannot eat in the morning, don’t be harsh on yourself. Drink a glass of water or milk maybe.

8. Jogging early morning

Healthy rules that don't work out anymore

Jogging is good enough, be it morning or be it an evening. So if you really want to jog and be in shape, do not look at the clock and torture yourself. Make sure your body is up entirely before you start any workout. Have your breakfast and wait for 40 mins or more before you can start with any training. Ignoring this would only lead you to headaches or an irregular beating of the heart.

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7. Refraining from sweets

Healthy rules that don't work out anymore

Sweets contain glucose which is essential for proper brain functioning. Eliminating sweets entirely from your diet may not be a good option. You can always minimize it by consuming more of yogurts, hot beverages and dry fruits instead of candy.

6. A draining workout

Healthy rules that don't work out anymore

Don’t believe that if your muscles did not ache the next morning, that you didn’t work out well enough. Muscle soreness occurs when you exerted your body more than it can take. It could also lead to muscle tissue wounds. If this happens, pause from the training until you are well to get back to the gym.

5. Not consuming water when you eat

For proper digestion, it is essential that an adequate amount of water gets into your system. If there is insufficient liquid in the body, the stomach uses up the saliva. Consuming water is necessary for your body as food will get absorbed efficiently by the body.

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4. Eating meals at a designated time

Don’t eat if you don’t feel hungry. That is the main rule! Your body will indicate when it needs food. It is always a good option to take 5-6 small meals throughout the day rather than eating three big meals.

3. Brushing every time you eat

We consume food that contains a lot of acids, like lemon, pickles, etc. They can damage the enamel of our teeth. Brushing right after eating can damage your teeth as it will lead to bleeding gums or toothaches in that matter. Don’t believe all that you hear, just brush once in the morning and once before sleeping.

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2. Staying away from bakery products

Bread has a dietary fiber present which is essential to draw cholesterol and bile from the body. Bread plays an indispensable role in the functioning of the digestive system. It does not imply that we keep consuming bread all day but a good 200g should be adequate.

1. Consuming 2 liters of everyday

Your water consumption should be in sync with your body weight, i.e. 30 ml/kg. Pay attention to the weather, humidity, and loss of water when you workout. Make sure you replenish your body with any fluid that is lost. Maintain the water intake by consuming tea, coffee, juice or any other liquids.

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