Here is How These Magic Tricks are Done

1. Magical Mysteries

Magicians have been fooling us for many years now. The tricks that they have been trying on us are not just tricks but something that eyes cannot see. These illusions pilled by the magicians have fooled us till now but anymore. Here is the end of it.


2. Magic Rings

These rings seem to be interlocked, but they are completely solid! Then how they get linked?

3. Suspicions Confirmed

They look completely solid, but they are not! If you look closer, you can see there is an opening to it. The magicians know precisely where the point is, so they are quick in sliding the ring in there and nobody gets to know about it.

4. Levitation – Version 1

As you see in the picture, the person seems to be floating in the air, but there are chances that the person is not floating.  Can you imagine what is exactly happening?

5. Concealed Support

The board is in reality supported by something from the ground. It is connected to the board and is blocked by the magician. The magician moves further in such a manner that nobody can see the support. Here you have fooled again!

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6. Levitation – Version 2

Here’s to another levitation trick, it appears that the man is sitting in the air comfortably and is floating on the stick that the other man is holding. Now how is this done?

7. More Hidden Support

It is the same as the one we saw above, and you must have figured it out till now. The person here sits on square support that covered with the cloth. The support is also connected with the ground, that is hidden by the other person.

8. Zig Zag Boxes

Whoops! The torso just ripped out from the body. Wait, it got back in position! How? The person is also alright and didn’t shout of any pain. What is the secret behind?

9. Getting Twisty

Things do twist and turn, just like the person in those boxes does. There is enough room inside the box that the person inside can shift. The person who is thin and small can easily pull off the trick without experiencing any pain.

10. Sawed In Half

We all used to be awestruck while seeing this magic trick happening! Ever had an idea how did this happen? The box contains an assistant who gets inside the box and saw.  But this stunt from the David Copperfield’s show was on a table and not the box, and a giant saw cut it. Strange right!

11. Having A Helper

There is a helper always a helper! But the question is that how did he do this tick without a box? The picture below explains it well; he had a second person hidden inside the bed. The helper had his legs out, and they looked like that of Copperfield’s. They had to be more careful because it happened around a giant saw.

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12. Rabbit In A Hat

The most common and the classical trick of all time which had our hearts in childhood and we still adore this trick. The magician used to show us the empty had and suddenly a rabbit used to pop out if it and we wondered how and where did he come from?

13. Hidden Bag

The illustration shows well how the magician tricked us. He hid the rabbit in a bag that was attached to the tableside. So while moving to flip the hat, he used to slide the bag into the cap and without anyone noticing. Amazing, how we got fooled all these years!

14. The Michael Jackson Lean

The legendary star Michael Jackson was known for his singing and dancing. With all these skills he was also a magician too. The dance in the Smooth Criminal video had all of us awestruck. He almost leaned towards the ground and came back standing in his position, and we kept wondering how he did it!

15. Shoes And Floor

The boots and floor were specially made for this move. The shoes were designed in such a manner that they locked into the level, keeping the feet in a single spot and with its help, he could lean down. The shoes were co-created with two other inventors and got patented in 1993.