Here’s how different size of pinky finger varies your personality

Have you ever wondered that the different kind of personalities or behaviour depends on various shape and sizes of pinky fingers? It sounds weird but it’s true! It is a new and funny trick through which one can know about their mysterious personality and can explore them in detail. Usually, there are three types of pinky fingers categorized on the basis of size. One just has to check their finger size and then read the related category. Simple! Let’s get start-

Type A- On the Line
If your pinky fingers lie on the uppermost line of your ring finger then you fall into this category. This is what it says about you:
• You are a kind of an introvert and always hide your emotions because on you get attached to someone it will be cemented forever.
• You can be arrogant sometimes as you are not the one who tolerate fools.
• You hate dishonest people, hypocrisy etc. as it is against your principles.
• You can fake yourself as independent and bold but actually, you are completely opposite.
• You are very helpful and hard-working person.

Type B- Below the Line
If your pinky finger lies below the uppermost line of your ring finger then you fall into this category. Let’s check what does this category says about you-
• You are very shy and reserved in nature. That is why you don’t preserve to be targeted the first one for an interaction.
• In a relationship, being a partner you are very loyal and devoted personality. You are a true lover and always gives attention to your partner.
• You are trustworthy and sensitive in nature.
• You are very dedicated towards your work.
• You always remain calm in the midst of chaos.

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Type C- Above the Line
If your pinky finger lies above the uppermost line of your ring finger then you lie under this category. This is what it says-
• You feel uncomfortable with strangers and do not appreciate surprises.
• You are very kind and generally, respect other’s opinions and thoughts.
• You can be rude sometimes especially during an argument but you are the one who will apologise first.
• You’re a kind of introvert who do not share their feelings easily which pinches your partner.
• You’re a straight-shooter, so you prefer to surround yourself with honest people.