Here’s what palmistry reveals about your personality

Palmistry is the study of hands in which an expert observe your hands and predict your future. He includes your future health status, financial status etc. This also reveals a lot about an individual’s personality. Here we have mentioned some of the interesting facts through which palmistry reveals interesting things about personality. Just have a look and try to understand its procedure:

A) Life Line on Palms
It originates between our index finger and thumb. It represents the lifespan of an individual.

1) A small deep line
An individual can effortlessly manipulate.


2) A Large deep line
An individual has a well-balanced life and is strong and healthy by personality.

3) Faint line
Represents the less amount of stamina.

4) A broken line
Represents the upcoming tragedy in life.

5) A chained line
May suffer from emotional or physical issues.

6) Multiple lines
This represents the amount of high energy one possess and one have already met their soul-mate.

7) No lifeline present
Such people do not know how to deal with anxiety.

B) The Heartline
Located above lifeline, this line is also well-known as love line. It originates below the pinky line and extends till index finger.

1) Long line
Such person is open-minded and expects less.

2) Extra-long line
Such people are dependent especially in a relationship.

3) Short Line
These people are reserved and introvert.

4) A deep line
They have a tensed and stressful life.

5) A deep straight line
These people can easily get jealous.

6) Straight and parallel to headline
Such people can control their emotions.

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7) Wavy line
They have multiple relationships but none are a serious one.

8) Double parallel line
These people are practical and romantic.

C) Head Line
Also known as wisdom line. It originates between thumb and index finger and is located above lifeline.

1) A long line
Such people are intelligent, possess sharper memory.

2) Very long line
Such people possess well-organized life but are also self-centred.

3) Short line
They must look and change themselves first.

4) Sloped or curve line
These people are romantic and realistic.

5) Thin line
These people are a dreamer.

6) Broken line
Such people are mentally disturbed or affected.

D) Other small lines
It represents a bright future and a perfect career.