Here’s what your choice of colors speak about you

Here’s what your choice of colors speak about you

It is the absolute truth when you say that your smallest gestures speak volumes about your personality. You might have noticed that your non-verbal cues are eyed more than your verbal performance in an interview or meeting. But, have you wondered what the colour you wear also defines most of you? Well, psychology says so.

David Zyla correctly points out in his book, Colour your Style, that the colour you choose for your clothing is a reflection of you.

In short, every colour has a story behind it. That is the story about you.


You may have a great variety of colours in your wardrobe. Which colour do you prefer the most? Check out below how your pick of colours depicts your personality traits.

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Green is the colour of mother nature. So let’s make a start with this. The positive vibes you deliver leaves an impact not only on the people you surround but also your environment. Green shows how socially active you are, and that you prefer outdoors more. You are full of energy and enthusiasm and can spread your care around. Carrying a soft heart as you are, nature makes you more content and at peace.



Do you like the smell of the earth? What colour is it? Brown! If you love brown, it shows how down to earth you are. You are a trustworthy human, having a back for all your dear ones. You feel it a waste of time plotting or finding faults. You look for peace and prefer staying away from the nonsense. Although you are quite stable in your life, you choose to be orthodox and conservative in your norms. Being a brown devotee, you think intelligent with your mind and voice with your heart.

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How precious is the colour of water? You may have sorted out all colours in your collection, and lastly ended up with blue, especially if you are on the run for a business meeting. Do you know why? The reason being that blue makes you feel confident and decent at the same go. Not only does your blue clothes offer friendliness and loyalty, but you also end up looking professional. Further, have you anytime fancied the royal blue shades? Apart from its beauty, this blue delivers a calming essence, and you are perceived as more approachable.



Now, everyone carries a craze for black. However, short and bulky you might be, it makes you feel slim and appealing. You have an eye for fashion; you have black. Personality wise, black has a purpose. The more ambitious you are, the more you select all your black. Ever thought why your graduating cape is black? That is because black and determination go hand in hand. Nonetheless, you are entirely an emotional being from within and are easily delighted. Black bears magic which shifts the attention to who you are more than your physical appearance.



Red is the colour of love. It is emotionally the most intense. Mainly, red gets associated with power and passion. If you prefer red, that means you can persuade and convince someone without a hitch. Wearing red, it becomes quite simple to please anyone and everyone. A frankly loud colour, red shows you to be bright and jovial. Therefore, this shade can be too right for courting.

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You must have realised how colours play an important role in portraying you. Thenceforth, you can make new preferences in your style and fashion, or still better, cling to your valued hues.

Here, only a few significant shades of clothing have been discussed. You can look out for many other such exciting meaning of colours in your life.