Here’s what your Fist says about you

Get ready to know a little more about you with the help of this new methodology, i.e., with the help of your fist. The way you close your fist can reveal a lot about your overall personality. Don’t believe? Then check this out-
There are three possible ways to which you can close your fist. So all you need is just to close your fist and mark yourself in any one of the following categories.

Type A
Those people who close their fist in Type A form possess these personality traits:
External Personality- Such people are emotional and sensitive. They also lack self-confidence.
Internal Personality- You are in need of protection from an external source and also search for respect from your subordinates.

Type B
Those people who comprise of Type B shape of fist then they possess such personality traits:
External Personality- You have high imaginative power, excellent skill abilities and are charismatic in appearance.
Internal Personality- You have high expectations from life because of your dreams and wishes. You wish to fly free in the sky but have a fear of falling.

Type C
Such people who consist of Type C fist folding comprise of these personalities traits:
External Personality- These people have a creative and intellectual character. They are energetic but sensitive by heart.
Internal Personality- These are the ones who prefer sacrificing than hurting someone.

These fingers knows a lot about your personality