Here’s what your sleeping position reveals about your relationship

Have you ever noticed the way you sleep with your partner? That position can actually reveal a lot about your love life. The reason behind this your sub-conscious mind. It controls your body language and your sleeping position. Here we mentioned various sleeping position so choose your one and check what does it has to say about your relationship-

1) Liberty
If you and your partner sleep in this position facing back towards each other without touching then this reveals their strong connection between them. This represents their secure behaviour and independent relationship.

2) Cherish
If you and your partner sleep in this way touching each other’s back or butt then this represents the comfort and relaxation between you two.

3) Pillow talk
This position shows the necessity for intimacy.

4) Lover’s Knot
This position depicts a strong and healthy relationship and also shows a perfect balance between intimacy and independence.

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