15 Apple Features We Didn’t Know About

1. Improve Your Wi-Fi Speed

Hidden iPhone features-iPhone has different features that we might not have known because Apple never talked about it. Wouldn’t it be great if your Wi-Fi speed is increased with some of the changes in your settings?  Wi-Fi Assist a new feature in iOS 9 that helps in when the signals are less. Whenever you have a poor Wi-Fi connection, turn on a Wi-Fi assist that keeps the internet in working by switching it directly to mobile networks. It is a default setting, and you can turn it on and off by going to Settings>Cellular, scroll down, and you will see Wi-Fi assist and use the slider to turn it on and off. It is useful but can eat up all your data, and the bill can cause you pain!

15 hidden iphone features


2. Spirit Level Feature

We never knew about this hidden feature in our Apple phones. Ever thought that Apple could fix this one problem, hanging the painting on the wall and the leveling is right? Well, there is no such app for it, but the compass app only. Check it! Open the Compass app then swipe left to get on to a different screen, and you will notice the same thing as shown in the image. So, congrats, you got the level feature, and it is easier to hang the paintings and frames.

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15 hidden iphone features

3. Sleep Timer

Everybody loves sleeping listening to soothing music that relaxes you down, but what if keeps on playing all night? Don’t worry peeps; Apple has got your back. They have a Sleep Timer option on all the phones. To access this feature, you can either go to the clock app and then to a timer or slide the control panel, and you can see the timer there. Set the time and scroll down the options below and stop at ‘Stop Playing’. Set it, and you are ready to go with it. Listen to your favorite tunes and sleep peacefully!

15 hidden iphone features

4. Clear Your Phone’s RAM

There are times, either our phone is slow, or it stops responding,  the reason is RAM. Your phone’s RAM needs to be clear, to keep your phone running swiftly. To clear it, hold on to the power button, “Slide to power off” appears, and then hold down the home button for about 5 seconds. Your phone’s RAM has been cleared, and it is ready to run faster than before. Try it!

15 hidden iphone features

5. Block Ads

Every time you are playing your favorite game and about to hit the last ball but this ad pop-up doesn’t let you! Right? Fed up with these ads? We got a solution for you! Switch your phone to airplane mode. By turning off every connectivity resource, you won’t see any pop-up and can play the games easily. As you have taken away their network powers, leaving them powerless!

15 hidden iphone features

6. Change The Direction Of Your Panorama

Capturing beauty is the only way of making memories. We have this feature Panorama shoot in our phones, but the default is set from left to right. You can change the direction according to your needs. All you need to do is tap the panorama bar and change its direction as it goes across the screen. It is simple to do, and you are ready to go!

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15 hidden iphone features

7. Make An Emergency Call

Emergency call and the phone is locked? No worries! Press the home button that redirects you to the passcode screen; there hit the “Emergency” on the bottom left corner. You only can call the emergency numbers through this feature and not any of the family members.

15 hidden iphone features

8. Delete Numbers In The Calculator App

We keep making mistakes, and it is usual now. But now the mistake can be rectified on your calculator. All you have to do is swipe right, and the recent number you entered will disappear. Students now can do all the long calculations easily with a go!

15 hidden iphone features

9. Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps can be used offline! Yes, you can use it offline. Download your locations on the phone and use it offline. Open the app when you are online and search for the locations that you visit frequently and download it like any drug store or a resort. Tap the location name and download it. You are good to go and enjoy.

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10. Restore Closed Safari Tabs

Don’t worry, if anytime you closed the safari tabs accidentally. You can recover them. Press and hold the “plus” button in your app, and you’ll recover all the tabs you recently closed. Beware of the browsing history, boys!

11. Set iPhone Brightness below Minimum

Done with the brightness? Late night chats aren’t possible due to so much light? Well, the solution is here. To reduce the brightness level, all you have to do is go to the settings>Accessibility>Zoom. Tap the screen thrice, and a menu box will open, there hit on the “Choose Filter” and then choose “Low Light”. The brightness is lower than before now.

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12. View iMessage Timestamps

Timestamps are important to check when your crush replies and how much time did they take? Open the chat and swipe left on the text and see when the message was sent and when did you receive the reply. Why he replied late is a thing you got to figure out!

13. Text Message Character Count

Just like tweets, your text’s characters can be counted as well. Go the settings and then messages and turn on the Character Count feature. Then you can see how many characters you typed and sent. Don’t type too much and exceed the limit.

15 hidden iphone features

14. Dial An Extension

Need to dial an extension, but feeling lazy to go through the list? Don’t worry; you can enter the extension while dialing. Enter the number, and press “+*#”. Then hit pause and type the extension, then hit done and the number will start to dial. You’ll now be connected to the person. But there are chances; you might get connected to the answering machine!

15. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes you need to start fresh; the same happens with the phone. To restart your phone hold the power button and a screen will appear with “Slide to power off”, slide to the right, and your phone will turn off. Now, hold the same power button again, and your phone will restart. Well, it is no magic. Restarting your phone frequently can help you in better functioning.