Comic Sketches Depicting real-life of married couples

1) I’m not sleeping, just taking a Rest
This hilarious wife’s comics about married life show how husbands won’t listen to what their wives told them. Just have a look.

Hilarious Wife's Comics About Married Life
2) While Driving on an unexplored route
It has happened a lot many times, when a couple is driving on a new route and wife has been continuously yelling about the route but husband has been completely ignoring her all by the way. Here is another comedy sketch depicting this situation.

Hilarious Wife's Comics About Married Life
3) So-called Alpha Voice
Generally, in our daily life, we have observed that kids don’t listen to their mother no matter how many times she keeps on repeating the same thing but as soon as dad takes her side then both of their voice works as an alarm for kids.


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Hilarious Wife's Comics About Married Life
4) Back in your time stories
This is one of the favourite jobs for parents narrating their time stories and giving lectures to their kids.

Hilarious Wife's Comics About Married Life
5) His stories
Another comic depicting how they used to share stories like a 5-yr old kid.

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Hilarious Wife's Comics About Married Life
6) Putting Kids to bed during daylight.
Just to get rid of their kids and save some time for themselves almost every couple use to do this.

Hilarious Wife's Comics About Married Life
7) Mealtime with toddlers
How these toddlers which are so-called their children use to irritate tired mums during their mealtime. Just have a look at this perfect art.

8) It’s time for cheer up your kids
That situation when parents cheer up their kids just for their sake. That situation has been depicted in a hilarious way in this picture. Just check it out.

The secrets of our very favorite characters can ruin our childhood days altogether!

9) Husband v/s Wife
This is one of the daily faces off in almost everything whether it’s a TV show or about favourite meal etc.

10) Wine time in front of a wife?
This issue is faced by almost every husband when he is restricted to drink in front of kids or his wife. No matter what his wife will be always against him.

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