Little Secrets that Hotels Doesn’t want You To Be Aware Of.

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of traveling is, Where to stay? There are many points which we consider before deciding where to stay. On the internet, we search for hotels, check their prices, their location, their reviews and a lot more. Except for these details, there are many more things that you need to know before booking any room in a hotel. There are certain things that hotels don’t want you to know. This information not disclosed on any site of hotels. A few of them are given below.

In-Room Amenities

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know


All the snacks and bar in a room provided by the hotel are not complementary, only some of them are complementary. So you need to check menu card properly before you consume any item. If you don’t check, then you have to pay money to the hotel. Anything can’t replace it.

Valet parking

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know

You must read every clause before signing the agreement for valet parking with the hotel room. Valet parking is effortless, but the thing that you need to keep in mind is that most of the hotels do not hold the hotel liable for any loss or damage.

Key Cards- How safe are they?

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know

Key cards substitute these mechanical keys. These key cards are easy to use and carry, but they are prone to human errors. Data can be embedded in a hurry while you are check-in.

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Golden Key

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know

In many premium hotels, few concierges wear the golden key lapel. This golden key indicates that this person knows the way through all odds which are otherwise beyond the boundaries of possibility.

Tipping The Receptionist

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know

The receptionist is the person who knows about the hotel. For any query and complaints, you call the receptionist. He is the one person who takes care of your requirements. His main aim is to give you excellent service for what you have paid. It is the reason why you should be tipping them.

Check before you check-in.

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know

The housekeeping staff has to clean many rooms in the hotel, so they are always in a hurry. They have to perfect many rooms. It is possible that they may miss any small article which is very valuable. You must check the place before you check-in.

Better Concessions.

There are so many tourist sites that are available on the internet. You can get hotel rooms booked at discounted rates by visiting these sites and calling them. They offer better prices for mutual benefits.

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Deaths In Your Room.

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know


Sometimes in your hotel room, the deaths happen. But these unexpected events are not disclosed by the hotels. Hotels have their terms & conditions with the police and media.

Much More Than What You See.

The crockery like glasses and mugs given by the hotel with the food is not that clean as they look. These glasses and cups just cleaned with water. The instructions provided to the glass cleaners that they should wash the glasses in running water.

Reduce Weight Without Stress

All rooms aren’t created equally.

Hotel secrets they do not want you to know

The secret that is kept by all the hotels is that all rooms are the same. But it is one of the top lies of the hotel. In every hotel, some places are better than others. If you are sweet with the receptionist, then they will give you the best room otherwise not.