How To Be A More Productive Person In The Morning.

We are so lost in our thoughts and routine most days that we stop thinking rationally altogether. We avoid investing in long-term gains to enjoy the rewarding short time pleasures. We also do a lot of things early in the morning which makes us unproductive throughout. So what habits should be a NO-NO?

1. Not showering

Early morning calls for high spirits and a fresh mind to take right decisions related to work or life. A morning shower ignites the brain to think clearly and rationally, based on a study. It helps you focus better and be unaffected by things that matter less. We are much more creative early in the morning and can find quick solutions too.

2. Hot baths


A lot of us are not comfortable in jumping into a cold shower but truth being said, it only renders the skin dry. It induces lethargy within us which makes us want to crawl back into bed. Cold water, on the other hand, gives a boost to the immune system before you can begin with the day. It also relieves you from any pain you might have had during an exercise regime before the shower.

3. Using the phone in the bathroom


Invest these few minutes with your family before you hit for work than prioritising your phone altogether. This may not be the right time to look at what people have to say on various social platforms or even what is up with the world when you browse through the news. Spending time with your family will give you a peaceful frame of mind, and this is an excellent way to mark a start to your day.

4. Stressing too much about your clothes


Arrange your clothes nicely so that when you view your wardrobe, you know exactly what to pick. You could also try and keep a section for your work clothes alone so that you don’t have to stress in the morning. Keep your cupboard organised and throw away or donate everything that you no longer use. Lesser the mess, lesser the fuss

5. Eating cereal


About 50 g of cereal contains 4 tbsp of sugar, which means your morning cereal will give you a sugar high. There will be more insulin in the bloodstream which will make you feel lazy in the morning.  Who likes to stay lethargic at the start of the day?
Have a mix of proteins and carbs early in the morning. A slice of pizza works too, as it will take longer to release the energy through the proteins in it. This will keep one satisfied, and you’ll feel energetic for longer.
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