How To Be The Woman That Every Man Desires

It is not true that men are attracted to pretty faces and seductive bodies only. Physical attractiveness may be necessary, but your inner qualities hold more importance for a man to like you.

If you want to be the center of attraction, you must not put all your efforts in having a beautiful appearance only, but,  you need to have an appealing nature, natural femininity, and magnetic attraction.

Follow the tips in this article to know how to make men think of you as their dream girl.

1. Be lovely

Men fall head over heels for women.  Men will naturally feel your energy emanating from you.

2. Be Feminine

Men like to care for your fragile and feminine body. You should wear dresses, wear nice perfume and always keep a smiling face.

 3. Be Confident.

Men do not like weak and timid women. They find a confident woman very attractive. Confident women always know how to carve a niche for themselves.

 4. Flirt With Men

When you flirt with a man, it automatically drives him towards you. It gives him a clue that you are very friendly and accepting

 5. Charm His Friends

Be very friendly with his buddies. When they speak of you with him, he will find you even more attractive.

6. Be Different

Men prefer women who surprise them. If you are the heart of a party or any gathering, you will not remain from noticing.

7. Make Him Feel special.

If you can make a man feel like a real man, he will all be yours.

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 8. Promote A Man’s Night Out

Men don’t like attached strings. They prefer one-night stands. If you can insist on a one-night-stand, he will forget about all girls and will be only driven towards you.

 9. Make Your Life Interesting.

Men prefer a woman full of colours. A woman needs to be confident and self-sufficient. Men don’t like a woman sitting at home and waiting for a prince to rescue them.

10. Don’t Be Too Smart

Men don’t like to be taught things. They want you to be smart enough so that you feel delighted in everything they say.


Follow these tips when you go out, and you will see men eyeing for you everywhere.