Ways To Identify A Real Designer Bag

How to identify A Real Designer Bag? Everyone wants to purchase a branded bag to carry with them. You may also even save money from a long period to buy an expensive and branded bag. But nowadays many fake companies manufacture similar products with the same brand name. These bags may be costly, but they are not of good quality and original brand. Purchasing a Chanel bag from an expensive handbag shop doesn’t assure that it is a real Chanel. Given below are some ways in which you can find the difference between the real and the fake bag.

Quality of seams


A real branded bag will have a good variety of seams. They do with the hands; high-quality hand equipment uses for stitching each special bag. The people who are engaged in the manufacturing of these bags have experience of many years of hand stitching. So if you found any sloppy stitches, then it is possible that it is not an original bag.

Cutting Corners

How to identify A Real Designer Bag

One thing everyone needs to keep in their mind is, purchase of an expensive bag from a well-known brand is an investment. The manufacturer of these bags knows this fact well. The longer the bag used, the better it is for them. As the quality of the bag is the reputation of that brand. They keep a check on even a small details of the pack. It is the main aim of big brands.


Yes, it is difficult to identify the quality of material used in the bag at the time of purchase of the bag. Fake brands may also use some good quality materials. At the stage, you can identify the originality of the bag by checking the serial number underside of the metal hardware. Many complaints put a serial number on their bags.

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How to identify A Real Designer Bag

Before purchasing the bag to check the quality of equipment used in that bag. Big brands in bag business use very high quality of materials. There must not be any stain because the class of the elements represents the reputation of the brand.

Production and Brand

How to identify A Real Designer Bag

Before purchasing any expensive bag, we check many small details of the bag. One another thing which can protect you from being cheated is that you must visit the brand’s website and carefully inspect the logo, then match that logo with the logo on the bag. There must be a perfect match of both of them. Fake brand’s bag may use a different font, size, and spellings on the bag.

Serial Number

The serial number is the most important feature which tells the authenticity of the product. Presence of serial number does not say to the originality of the brand. Real brands connect the serial number to the tag in such a way that it can only be removed by damaging it. Whereas on the other hand, fake bag companies use stickers.

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How to identify A Real Designer Bag

It always is seen that packaging of expensive products is excellent. The original brand companies use a presentable box for packaging of their products. It is the philosophy of valuable brand companies. They include packaging cost in the cost of the product itself.

Distinguishing Features

EXpensive bags always have some distinguishing features which make them different from all the other fake brands. Before purchasing do check the signature feature of the brand. For instance, Prada never uses contrast lining, and Christian Dior will always be in red with a logo waved on it.

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Hope this article will help you from not getting cheated.