Designing Your Children’s Room? Take Some Ideas

Designing your children’s room? Take some ideas

Ideas to design children’s bedroom-If you surf the net well, you will find there are innumerable ways in which you can set up your child’s room. Of course, for one thing, it shouldn’t be boring. Especially if your kids are in their growing stage, they would want something like adventure and fun and peace all at the same time in their sweet room. Besides, it should match their taste as well, which would perhaps define the manner they grow up and who they might become as an adult.

Well, if you are still confused about which décor to opt for, here are some fantastic options that you can consider. Not only would it be their sleeping room, but also a study place, an area for games and storage as well. So, you should know how to manage best the space you have to attract your child’s heart and soul. Read further to find out more.


Ideas to design children's bedroom

In a young age, most of the kids have an eye for science and technology. Growing up hearing about NASA, spaceships and watching all the cartoons, children themselves feel like reaching for the stars. Give them a good start with this space pattern and give them a whole galaxy feel.

Sea World

Ideas to design children's bedroom

If your child loves the water world more and you see them more often in front of the aquarium, why not build that wholly in their room? Apart from the paintings and the wall decals, you can even create their bed in the shape of a boat.

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Amidst the jungle

Ideas to design children's bedroom

Nature is never too dull for anyone. Instead, it brings out the best even in the moodiest person. Hence, if your kid loves to spend their time with the flowers and plants in the home garden, you can create a similar aura in their room too. Adding to the brighter room, it will seem more spacious also.

Twin room

twin room

Bearing twins and wondering how to settle both in a single room? Have a nice look at the photo above. It will reduce the space, yet provide a personal space for each of the kids. A bright color will add to the magic.

Planet of lamp

planet lamp

There are so many varieties of wall stickers available in the market nowadays, thanks to the imaginative brains. No wonder, you can easily search for a decal that appears to give out the light when you turn off your room’s light. Combining it with the stars will offer you the perfect essence.

Fortress bed

fortress bed

It is quite likely that your child grows up listening to and reading fairy tales. Every kid wishes their story to be just the same, that is dreamy and adventurous at the same time. You can make them feel more special by setting up such a fortress room for them.



If your children are fascinated by the mountains, then you can prepare their room in the same lines. You can easily paint and paste it all yourself on the walls of the room.

Four kids and their space

4 kids and their space

Well, every kid desires to have a special room for themselves, where they can enjoy their freedom to the full swing. Even if not a room, at least you do owe them a bed each. And, if you have a bunch of four kids, you would surely want to make it unique for them. If you wish to fit them all in a single room, then you can follow the above approach. The only compromise would be on the ground and the upper bed!

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Teens loft

teens loft

When your kids leap into their teenage, they would want to avoid all the glitch and make peace around. First of all, they would vote for a room with minimal stuff around. Moreover, they would fancy if you set up their bed up in the air, where they can enjoy climbing and find their own space.

A circus or a dome

a circus or a dome

It is simple to build a dome up in the ceiling of your kid’s room. All you would need is patience, masking tape, and red paint.

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Triple bunk bed

triple bunk bed

Confused about setting up a room for three? To encourage more space and make it funky, you can go for a design like shown in the picture above.

Country style

Ideas to design children's bedroom

Living along the countryside, you would fancy building up a room too in the same style. Children would love to find their bed makes a small home in itself. Further, you can choose white paint over others as it makes the room look bigger.

Magic mode

Ideas to design children's bedroom

It would be quite impossible to stop a Harry Potter fan from going crazy. If your child is also one among the lot, then you should try decorating their room magically. It won’t be too difficult as it might seem. A little effort would go in writing down the quotes or drawing the wands and cloaks. A better idea would be to lay a hand on any Harry Potter wall stickers, that would be available everywhere.

Jungle house

jungle room for kids

Even though you might live within the confines of your sweet home, still you can travel deep into nature’s lap using your minds. The right match of bedsheets and decals would take your child anywhere amidst the jungles.

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Aliens invade

aliens invade

If your child is amused by the variety of cartoons and characters, you can create for them a simple but interesting surrounding. The showpieces and the interior décor would help you out in bringing forth the clear notion.

Room for two

room for two

If the room is spacious enough and you have to fit in both your kids together, then you can use this setup. This way, each child would be getting his room for playing, sleeping and studying.

Study + Game

study and games

When you want to have your kid under your nose all the time, then you can go by this outline. Nevertheless, they will have equal space to fit in the books and leisure facilities at one place. It could also leave their bedroom free of clutters and give them an opportunity to be under observation in the living area.



If you find your child to be a science addict and a perfect package to land into the scientific world, you can usher them towards it with such creativity. Handing them a small telescope or a little camera, and choosing the perfect wall decals or stickers would do the needful. Besides painting the room with white and blue hues will add to their treat.

Now, which design are you picking up for your children? Whatever you decide, give them the best and make it worth their smile.