Incredible Uses Of Mayonnaise That You Didn’t Even Imagine

Best uses of Mayonnaise-Mayonnaise is the product that is loved by everyone, but some so many people don’t know about the incredible uses of mayonnaise. In the below-given article, we will tell you about some unexpected methods of mayonnaise. Let’s take a look.

Gum Remover

Incredible Uses Of Mayonnaise That You Didn’t Even Imagine


Mayonnaise works as an excellent gum remover from the hairs, carpet, or a table in the kitchen. You can directly apply mayonnaise on the chewing gum and rub it gently. Massage the affected area gently, and the oil contained in mayonnaise will let the gum’s grip loosen, and it will remove without hurting you.

Hair Conditioner

Incredible Uses Of Mayonnaise That You Didn’t Even Imagine

Mayonnaise is an excellent remedy for dry and straw-like hairs. You have to use mayonnaise in the place of your conditioner. Mayonnaise contains egg yolk, and it is full of lecithin which will help in hair growth and making your hairs softer, smoother and healthy. It also includes vinegar, and it helps in exfoliating the scalp.

Crayon Remover

Incredible Uses Of Mayonnaise That You Didn’t Even Imagine

When there are kids in the house, then it is impossible to see clean walls in the house. But here we have a solution to your problem without affecting the paint. You can remove the crayon marks from the wall just by applying some mayonnaise with the sponge on the wall. Don’t scold your kids, let mayo rest there for 10-15 minutes and after that clean it with a cloth. It will be removed gently and will not affect your paint.

Silver Cleaner

Incredible Uses Of Mayonnaise That You Didn’t Even Imagine

You can also clean your silver utensils with mayo. Your silver utensils will shine if you apply some mayo on them with a simple cloth and then wash them with water. Mayo contains citrus and oil which helps in removing the tarnish and make them shine.

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Sticker Remover

You can easily remove the sticker from your cutlery and dining plates by putting a little mayonnaise. To remove the label from your plate, firstly rub it with your finger as much as you can and after that apply a little mayonnaise and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. After that peel it with your fingers.

Wood Repair

Mayonnaise is also a great wood repairer. Fill the cracks in your wooden statue with the mayo and let it rest for 10-15 days. Mayo will fill the cracks in the icon in some time interval, and the figure will look like new.

Sunburn Treatment

Sunburns are very hurting, and we want to get relief pain from them as quick as possible. You can get relief from the pain by applying some mayo on the affected area. Mayo will help you to repair your skin, keep it moisturized and reduce the burning sensation.

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Nail Care

You can quickly clean your nails by using mayonnaise. Mayonnaise protects your nails from breakage and being them brittle. You have to dip your fingers into the mayonnaise and rest there for 5 minutes. After all, that wash your hands with regular water. It will make your nails stronger, healthier and shinier.

Skin moisturizer

Mayonnaise also works as an excellent skin moisturizer. Mayo contains oil and vinegar which helps in removing dryness from the skin. To make the mixture, take mayonnaise in a bowl and add olive oil to it and then apply it on the dry area of your face and body. After the 10 minutes of applying, clean it with a simple cloth. It will help you in keeping your skin hydrated.

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