Interesting facts about desserts

Interesting facts about desserts-Desserts are favorites of everyone. But we think that we can not store them for days. Without desserts food is incomplete. Every country has their different flavours of desserts and their specialities. Today we are going to tell you some surprising facts about desserts that you are not aware of. Read the whole article, and you will be amazed to know every truth.


Interesting facts about desserts


Did you know that if the cake made of alcohol, then it can last for a decade? An American television host named Jay Leno has confirmed this fact in 2003. He sampled a cake that baked in 1878.

Chocolate Sundae

Interesting facts about desserts

Chocolate dessert made from cocoa beans collected from around the world. It is garnished with five grams of 23- karat edible gold. This chocolate dessert is very expensive priced at $25000. You can buy so many things except this and this amount of money.

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Chocolate River

Interesting facts about desserts

Chocolate river in Charlie and the chocolate factory made from the original chocolate. It can be easily made at your home, all that you have to do is mix chocolate and cream with 15000 gallons of water, and there you go. Get a chocolate river for yourself.

Folks at McDonald’s

Interesting facts about desserts

McDonald’s in Hong Kong made a folk dish out of burgers. They also offer wedding packages where this cake made from apple pie.

Ice creams

Interesting facts about desserts

You will be amazed to know that India is not the only country where a specific type of food is banned. Small towns on the coast of California have banned eating and selling ice cream in public streets.

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Interesting facts about desserts


In the 17th century, women used to put a piece of cake under their pillow to dream about their future husbands. It was a new kind of pillow talk. Cupcakes have been women’s best friend.


Beverly hill is a home to ATM that dispenses cupcakes 24*7. If you don’t have money in your ATM, then there is no need to worry. They provide cakes 24*7. Don’t you think we just found heaven on the earth?

Swiss Chocolate

Creamy, melted, swiss chocolate is favorite of everyone. Swiss consumer consumes an average of 19 pounds of chocolate every year.


In the US Senate, there is a Senate seat monikered ‘candy desk’. According to their traditions, whosoever takes that seat to have to fill the candy bowl with candies from their hometown.

Ice creams

Did you know that all the ice creams shown in a commercial are usually just mashed potatoes? It is because the ice cream will melt for long shooting hours.

Hot chocolate and Marshmallows


During winters, a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows are the most comforting dish for everyone. Earlier marshmallows were used to treat the dry throat during the Renaissance period, who knows that they can be so reassuring.

German Chocolate Cake

In actual German Chocolate cake was not made in Germany. In fact, it caused by an American chocolatier, Sam German. He also created baking chocolate used in making the cake.


A friend from France first made croissants. They were baked in Vienna to warn the Turkish Military invading the city.

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Popsicles invented by 11 years old child named Frank Epperson. He was unaware of the fact that he was creating the first-ever popsicle. He left a cup of stirred soda and stick out in a night, only to find it frozen the next morning.