Interesting facts about Dubai known to only a few

Today we are going to look into some of the most interesting facts about the city with the tallest building in the world, that is Dubai. What was just a desert-like city with only a couple of buildings a few years ago, is now one of the most densely populated cities of United Arab Emirates. But rapidly developing city is not all that one can say about Dubai. We are going to look into some other facts about the city that makes it one of the unique cities in the world.

Before the economic collapse in 2009 almost everybody in Dubai had a fancy sports car for themselves. Now the wealthier societies in Dubai still drive around Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Ashton Martins. But so do the police officials. Yes now and then one can spot a police officer riding a fancy sports car mostly because sports cars in Dubai is such a common thing. These cars mostly come into action when needed, that is to chase down cars of the wealthier people of Dubai. Some people claim that these police sports cars are courtesy of the economic breakdown that happened back in 2009. Most people went bankrupt and had no choice but the dump their luxury vehicles to avoid taxes.



  • A high rate of Immigrants:

Much to everyone’s surprise one 23% of Dubai are people who are born in the UAE. The builders, most of the engineers and even managers, are immigrants from countries India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This statistic is kind of a surprise considering how everyone can see Seikhs driving around in their luxury cars most of the times. However, the lifestyle of these immigrants is nowhere near the lifestyle of the UAE citizens.

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  • Unusual taste in pets:

When we say pets, most of us think about dogs, cats, rabbits or maybe hamsters. But the people of Dubai gave a whole new definition to the word Pet. Sheikhs were seen walking with lions, tigers and cheetahs with just a simple chain around the neck of these wild animals. However, recently a law was implemented that said that keeping these wild animals in domestic households was illegal. Trading and private ownership of these fierce beasts were utterly shut down since then.

  • Tax-free till 2018:

Yes, you read the heading right. Dubai was indeed tax-free till January 1st,2018 which came into effect following the economic breakdown in 2009. The tax implementation is just a 5%  VAT which still excludes a lot of products, education and services. Will it help the city to increase its revenue? We will have to wait and see as nothing can be said as of now.


  • The rapid growth:

As mentioned previously, Dubai is indeed meant to be one of the fastest growing cities of the world, and this came in from the City Momentum Index from 2014. As evidence, we can see the construction of the world’s largest amusement park called Dubailand. Yes, it is currently under construction, but it will have artificial islands and resorts so one can only imagine how big of an amusement park it could be. If that is not enough, Dubai has also built 42 subway stations in just mere three years, which is quite an achievement compared to some already developed countries.

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  • Gold covered Burj Khalifa:

Yes, one knows that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and probably one of the most luxurious ones. But an interesting fact is that one can see 86,111 sq ft of 22-carat gold leaf incorporated in the decor.

  • Robot Camel races:

Unlike other countries which have horse races, Dubai is a city which has camel races. However, that’s not all. Instead of humans riding these camels, there are robots bought and made to ride these camels. Even though it sounds a bit bizarre but these races have gained a lot of interest from the local people as well as tourists.

  • A dome for pedestrians larger than Monaco:

Computer operated climates, malls, parks, movie theatres all will be implemented into a dome-like building. It is not complete yet, but the idea of the construction of a 4.5 million sqm mall is something that baffles everyone.

  • Ski Resort:

Much to the irony of being a city in a desert, Dubai has an indoor ski resort. It is inside the largest mall in Dubai. The resort has a 279 ft indoor mountain with a total of 5 slopes. The run for skiing is 1,300 ft long, so one does get a real-life skiing experience here.