Some interesting facts you need to know about the world

Interesting facts about the world you need to know. You know there are more than three trillion trees, and when it comes to Russia, Russia is on the number one place regarding tress, second in Canada and third in Brazil and then comes the United States. There was a  recent tweet which says that ” There are more trees on earth than there are stars in a milky way and what they do for the planet is amazing” This tweet shows that the number of trees on earth is not at all less.

Interesting facts about the world you need to know

# A research shows that the name which is chosen for boys mostly is James and the name which is selected for girls is mostly Mary, and approximately in recent years, there were almost 3.5 million children born whose name is Mary and the children whose name is James is 5 million. The United States Social Security Administration did this research from 1917 till 2016.


Interesting facts about the world you need to know

# According to a study by Gold Reserves the central bank which is situated in the United States has a total amount of 8133.5 metric tons of gold and hence. As a result, the United States become the country that has the most significant amount of gold in 2017, but China is also coming ahead. In the year 2017, it holds the sixth position, but it will soon come to number one.

Interesting facts about the world you need to know

# The human population is increasing day by day. The number is growing every year and by almost twenty times. Research on human populations by the United Nations shows that the current community is 7.3 billion and the population is going to increase by up to 8.5 billion people in the year 2030, and it is going to increase up to 11.2 billion people in the year 2100.  And this increase in number will go on and on.

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# The television is watched daily by Americans at least 5 hours a daily. And the numbers of hours increase as we grow old and hence when we reach the age of 65 and above the number of hours for which we watch television is almost 7 hours daily. But you will be amazed to know the radio is still the most widely used tool in 2016 which has nearly 240 million users and television was the second, and it almost has about 226 million years.

Interesting facts about the world you need to know

A study by shows that around 1700 Americans a day become millionaire daily. You must be shocked not only this but in the year 2017, it was found that there were approximately 8 billion Americans who have more than one million dollars in the form of household products. Americans are wealthy as compared to people living in other countries.