Is your skincare routine ruining your skin? Find out!

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and thus the most observable component of the body. It demands continuous attention, especially if you have a skin condition such as dry or oily skin. Generally, people sketch out for themselves a regular skincare routine to follow, so that their skin stays healthy. But these may at times end up doing more harm than good. Some examples where your skin routine may be damaging your skin are given below:

1. Not cleaning your Make-up


You should never go to sleep without washing your make-up. This is of utmost importance as it prevents your pores from getting blocked. This should be done with the help of a deep cleansing lotion to remove all the dirt left in the pores.

2. Using an Unsuitable Cleanser

Choosing a suitable skin cleanser is another vital measure not to avoid if you want healthier skin. Selecting a desirable pH value for a skincare product is an essential step while deciding to choose a skincare product. A high pH value may cause secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands resulting in acne. A pH value of around 5.5 is generally preferable as this leads to the development of proper environment and microbes that help in keeping skin healthy.

3. Not Toning after Cleansing

While using toners after cleansing may seem like a trivial thing to do, it is a step that should not be avoided. It removes all the chlorine and other harmful minerals from tap water and also readies the skin for moisturising. A non-alcoholic type toner should be preferred.

Sometime It Is Good To Adopt Some Bad Habits

4. Scrubbing too Hard

These days, to make sure their skin looks young and bright, people usually go for treatments that itch or burn, as it makes the treatment look more effective. Scrubbing your skin belligerently may cause damage to the external barrier protecting the skin, thus causing the skin to become dry and fall off in flakes. This may cause swelling of the skin too. In place of a daily facial scrub, you may use a chemical exfoliant that does not damage the skin physically.

5. Popping Pimples

Whenever some people lay their eyes on a pimple, they have an irresistible impulse to burst it. The adverse effect of this is that bursting pimples causes an increase in the ability of a pimple to spread the infection to other areas on the skin. The best practice is to use an acne medicine like salicylic acid directly on the pimple.

6. Missing out on Moisturising your Skin

If you’re a person with oily skin, you usually tend to avoid using a moisturiser as your skin tends to get too greasy afterwards. However, even so, you should incorporate oils into your skincare routine. Oils act as a very efficient moisturiser keeping the skin soft and bright.