It’s not a good idea to keep your phone on these places

Mobile phone becomes the inseparable part of the human body. People can live without oxygen but can not live without mobile phones. Today we come with a new concept to tell you where not to place your mobile phones. We will show you the different places where keeping your phone can become dangerous.

Hot places


Electronics catch heat and electrical current very fastly. It recommended to not to place your phone in the humid area. Do not leave your phone in the car when it is too hot outside. In too much hear phones get a blast. I also want to tell you that do not keep your phone near the stove and oven.

While Charging

Do not use the phone when it is on charging. When you stay in touch with your phone while charging will harm your health because it produces the electromagnetic radiations. The memorable thing does not put your phone on charging overnight. Overcharging will damage the phone and reduce battery life.

Cold Places

We always listen that not to put the phone in hot places but too cold spots are also harmful to the mobile phones. When you suddenly go to a cold place after the warm place, then data in the cellular telephones get affected. If you rarely go out in the cold place then do purchase a mild phone case to protect your phone from the cold.

Follow these five set of tips to be safe at all times.

Your Pillow

It always recommended that never put your phone under your sleeping pillow. We will tell you the following reasons to not to store the phone under the pillow.

  • While sleeping when any notifications come to our phone then the light gets turned on, and this light puts a significant impact on the production of melatonin. These things are not let us take a sound sleep and all over it affects our body and health.
  • Storing a phone under the pillow for a long time cause headaches and dizziness because phone contains electromagnetic radiations.
  • When you put your phone on charging, do not place it under the pillow. While charging the phone produce heat and fabric of the pad do not give the space to heat to come out. It increases the chances of phone explosions and fires.


Sometimes in a hurry, we often put our phone in stroller or prams. Mobile phones are very unsafe for the children. Children get affected by mobile phones very quickly, and it puts an impact on their behaviour.

Do not touch your skin

While talking on the phone do not let your phone to feel your skin. The screens and the buttons of mobile telephones contain bacteria, and if you touch it with your face, then bacteria will get transferred to the surface. We know that the phone includes electromagnetic radiations and if you bring it near your skin, the emissions will affect more.

Near your thigh

When you place the phone in your front pocket, it is also not healthy. Phone make the thigh bones weak. So it is recommended that placed your phone in a bag. This problem of putting a phone in front pockets occurs more in men because men don’t carry purses. So it’s more comfortable for them to put the phone in the front pocket. The electromagnetic radiations of the phone affect the quality and quantity of sperm production by men. The more men keep their phone in front pocket, more they will get changed.

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Back Pocket

You should not look for comfort; you should look at the consequences. Everyone carries touchscreen phones, and phones get operated with a single touch of the screen. So many people dial emergency calls by mistake. Back pocket also makes us forget about the phone.