Kate Middleton: A journey of an ordinary girl till Princess

Every girl has a fantasy of living a princes’ life since her childhood times. But have we ever wonder how difficult it must be, being a part of a royal family especially for an ordinary girl? So many numbers of rules and restrictions one has to follow? If we talk about the journey of Kate Middleton or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who initially was belong to a normal working family but after marriage to Prince Williams, she became the princess. Her journey after that was not easier as one must have imagined. Here are 14 basic rules which she needs to follow strictly being a Princess of a British Royal Family.

1) Autograph Rule
Being a Princess, Kate is not allowed to sign autographs according to British Rules and regulations. This is because someone might forge her signature and can make use of it illegally against the royal family. So she can only sign any official document. However, she is allowed to shake hands and be photographed with her fans but signing autograph is completely prohibited.

2) Her Working life
Before getting married, Kate used to help her father in his business and has worked for some time. But after marriage, she is supposed to visit at charity dinners, schools and hospital openings.


3) Oyster Prohibition
After getting married, Kate was asked to refuse oysters. This might have upset her but there is a strong reason behind that. It is believed that Oysters can cause allergies and can be poisonous which can risk her health. Therefore, the Duchess and other members of the royal family are forbidden to consume oysters.

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4) Essential manicure Guideline
According to the rules, Duchess of Cambridge can use apply nude-coloured shades. Kate’s manicure usually comprises of only 2 shades: a tender pink and a sophisticated nude. None other shade can be used by her. This sounds a little boring and strict. But it’s only because a princess should always carry elegance with her as she is the face of the royal family.

5) Having an account on Social Media
Being a princess, there is a strict ban on using social media to avoid leaking of personal information at a public platform. There are official pages of the members of the royal family on Instagram and Twitter, but they are handled by professionals whose task is to select the pictures with elegant words carefully.

6) Kissing in Public
Holding hands, kissing in public is considered to be inappropriate for a princess. So they are not allowed to do any of the things mentioned above to avoid negative impact on their children and maintain the legacy.

7) Shopping Rules
Like every other girl, Kate is a shopping lover but the sad reality is that after getting married she is not allowed to go for shopping alone. She has to be accompanied by several bodyguards and managers for her safety.

8) Wearing Fur
Wearing fur was the best thing she loved before marriage. But Duchess are allowed to wear fur only on occasions and also that fur which is made up of animals who are dead naturally.

9) Vote
The royal members are restricted to vote or be a member of parliament just to maintain the neutral atmosphere and avoid the destruction of their image due to political issues.

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10) Dress Code
They have a fixed dress code i.e. they always need to wear elegant and modest outfits which are carefully planned by their designer in order to avoid controversial statement.

11) Ban on Monopoly
According to the royal protocol, games such as monopoly are banned as these games are considered to be senseless. Kate can still play hockey and some other outdoor games on the royal campus.

12) Travelling with Family
As mentioned in the norms, Kate is never allowed to travel alone. She is always asked to travel with her family for long distances due to some safety issues.

13) Seating arrangement
This is one of the most important rules which is followed very strictly in the royal families. According to this, all members must follow a seating order which is pre-planned i.e. who will sit next to whom? Also as the Queen finishes her meal everyone should also stop having their meals.

14) Visiting beauty salon
The princess should always look elegant and perfect. For this, they need to visit salon at least 3 times a week and along with that their stylist need to maintain their style 24*7 even at home. It sounds fantastic, but it is a tough job. You can’t be in your comfort zone even for a single minute.

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