Kid’s Doodle Turns Into An Inspiration For Dad’s Anime!

A child’s imagination has no boundary. But can you imagine what will happen if this fantasy turns into reality! A French artist named Thomas Romain had tried the same by converting his son’s drawing into an amine. His eight-year-old son Itsuki has some wild and extraordinary imagination. It plays as a source of inspiration for his father. You would be astonished to see how Thomas adds his touch to some simple sketches and turn it into fantastic anime. This father-son duo is winning the heart of millions over the internet. Let us check out some his mind-boggling work.

A Fire Monster, Amazing!


This kid has some bizarre imagination. It is very astonishing to see how Thomas has changed a monster into a complete warrior. Without altering the details such as bloodshot eyes and dripping teeth with the same redness, the father has added his own touch of fire to his son’s monster. Although many commenters on this picture are appreciating the son’s creative level and the talent of his father, some shows deep concern on this child cruel and violent fantasy.

The Green-Caped Doctor

This is purely based on child’s work. We have applause this child’s attention to detail. Minute details add a lot of qualities to the character. At first, you would be confused, but if you pay attention to pills on his coat and cross on his eyes, you would instantly know that this is a doctor! Thomas has added a female character to complement with our hero. Well, this can turn into another great love story!

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An Evil King!

We all have drawn a king in our childhood but not like this one. A scepter, a face veil, and a crown would make to most of the kid’s sketches but it the wrinkled skin/mask and red fire which makes the difference. Thomas took it to the next step by adding some more details like the cross chain and spirals on the cloak. The book in his left hand reflects evilness of the king!

A Fearless Knight


This kid is even pro at shading! It is fascinating to see how the kid has used mathematical symbols in his drawing. Many people are overwhelmed after seeing this kid’s talent.  Father stuck to his kid’s imagination making anime precisely like his kid’s doodle. This knight seems to play with the fireball and is not afraid of anything which comes on his way!

A Transformed Buzz Lightyear

Who knew Buzz Lightyear from the toy story could be transformed into an anime! The kid must be fond of the toy story as the details here are uncanny. This buzz lightyear seems to be on some mission, fighting aliens. The rockets in the background tell the same story. Some people think that this is also inspired by the mutant ninja turtles.

A Jewelry box or angry crab!

This needs some serious talent. A jewelry box turned into a crab with amazing details! His dad included an afraid little warrior in his version. Arms made of linked chain, with jewels at the end shows how small details can be very vital in the anime. This one definitely goes to the father who added some features and took drawing one step ahead.

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