Here Are 12 Simple Life Hacks To Save You From The Fix

Life hacks-Amidst the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, you tend to, unfortunately, run into some grave situations. And these critical affairs crop up unannounced. So, you have to be ready to act and not lose hope in such dire circumstances.

It is never too late to master the art of some real-life hacks to save you from further distress.

Read through to see how your toothpaste, needle, and tampons can be your companion in tough times.


#1 Got bit by an insect, grab your toothpaste

12 Life hacks that make life so much easier

Yes, the very paste that helps you clean your teeth and keep it bacteria – free can also help you out of an insect bite. To immediately lessen the redness and swelling in your bruised part, the anti-inflammatory properties of the toothpaste comes to the rescue. And if your paste contains methanol, it will work to alleviate the bee or mosquito sting.

#2 Wish to start a bonfire, pick your crayons

12 Life hacks that make life so much easier

Yeah! You heard that right. Your wax crayons might have added more color to your childhood, that’s no lie. But, here, you can ignite them too. And, how? The combustible material that the wax crayon is built of helps you generate fire for by and by 30 minutes. You can now use this technique to light your candles and enjoy a perfect candlelit dinner with your loved ones.

#3 Make ash out of your egg cartons

12 Life hacks that make life so much easier

Do you find your egg cartons useless? Well, it’s time you reconsider it. Instead of throwing them away every time you buy a dozen eggs, you can use them as containers to burn down the dried and even wet leaves. The cartons catch fire very soon, and this would save you from waiting all day to make an ash out of your green waste. Not only that, containers are another help to a bonfire. If you still wish to throw the egg cartons away, toss them right into your fireplace along with the branches. Who doesn’t enjoy the warmth coming out of the crackling flame in the cold?

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