Some Lifesaving Skills That Everyone Should Know

Lifesaving Skills-How to react and stay calm in a dangerous situation is not everyone’s cup of tea. But everyone must know how to handle any dangerous situation to save someone’s life. The following are some situations and the methods to tackle them.

What to do if you choke

The most important thing in every dangerous situation is to stay calm. If you start choking then don’t get upset, try to cough heavily. Bend your body towards the back of a chair, put your fist on your stomach and push it with the help of a chair.


The 2nd Variant

Quickly bend down on your knees and throw your arms forward so that your stomach and chest touch the floor. It might be painful but will save a life.

How to tell the time using the sun.

 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

If you want to know the time but you don’t have a watch then it is possible for you to see the time. Earlier people used to try these methods to know the time.


  • Find a place with good sunlight and horizon visibility.
  • Bring your hands together and hold them.
  • Count the number of fingers from the upper side to the bottom. Each finger is equal to 15 minutes during the dusk. Multiply the total digits by 15, and you will find the approximate time.
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Weather forecasting

 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know


Here we will tell you a way to forecast the weather. By doing this, you will be able to recognize that it will be a big thunderstorm or clear weather. Let us take a look at the following details:

  • If it is a storm, then clouds will seem near to the earth.
  • The clouds will become fluffy in case of a storm.
  • Brown clouds and dark clouds will appear there in the sky. Brown clouds meant for heavy rain with heavy wind, and black clouds bring heavy rain without wind.

If you feel that clouds are going with the wind, then there will be no rain.

If someone is following you.

 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

If somebody is following you continuously, then you should remember the looks of the person and then change your way suddenly. Don’t go to places with fewer people and then go to a coffee shop or a restaurant and behave like you are waiting for someone. That person will stop following you. If that person is still coming behind you then directly go to the police station.

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If you feel a heart attack

 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

Don’t panic if you ever suffer from a heart attack call an ambulance. Stay calm till the ambulance arrived. Carry yourself to the ambulance and ask the ambulance operator for the medicines. Take a deep breath so that oxygen can quickly reach your lungs. This process will help you to restore your cardiac rhythm.

How to start a fire

 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

If you don’t have an instrument to start a fire, then don’t be upset. Light can begin with the help of condoms and sunlight. Put some water in the condom and tie it from the top. Use it as we use a lens to start the fire. Focus it on the sunlight and the paper below it. Have patience soon the paper or dry grass will fire up.

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How to be safe during hiking

 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

Hiking is an adventure sport. If you want to make yourself safe, then you must inform your friends and family about your plan. Tell them where are you going, which places will you visit, with whom you are going and when will you return from the trip. It is suggested to go with some hiking professional who knows the right direction and also he will save you from a dangerous situation if occur in your travel.