Do You Confuse Yourself With These Words?

Do you confuse yourself with these words?

List of confusing words-The The English language is not so easy as you suppose, isn’t it? And neither is it too tricky. You should have the right knowledge and not mere rot education to understand what each word tries to convey. Some words have the same sense, some different but sound similar. You need to have the knack to differentiate between the two.

According to the British Thesaurus, words with different meaning, roots, and spelling, but with the same pronunciation are termed as Homophones. You might have come across many such terms. However, it is not entirely possible to understand it quickly unless your brain works equally faster to relate to the real message of what is being said.

Reading through the dictionary over and over again is truly not a relevant choice. Besides, there is a saying that actions speak louder than words. Here, you can put images instead of the actions. An image or a proper picture can bring about the actual significance of the word in a better manner as compared to the definitions.


Below are represented 100 such pairs of homophones in pictures, which you generally might muddle up unknowingly and yet too frequently. Check for yourself how many of the words you jumble up in any written or oral conversation. Sometimes, does the sound of a particular word guide you in the wrong direction to make out a different meaning from the original? Now, you can spell and speak it right.

A rack, A rock, Iraq, I rock


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


Allowed, Aloud


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words

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Bare, Bear


List of confusing words


Board, Bored


Brake, Break


Bread, Bred

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C, Sea, See


Catch up, Ketchup


Cent, Scent, Sent


Cereal, Serial


Chile, Chili, Chilly


Chord, Cord


Complement, Compliment


Creak, Creek


Dear, Deer


Desert, Dessert


Die, Dye


Eminent, Immanent, Imminent, Emanate


Exercise, Exorcise


Feat, Feet


Finish, Finnish


Flea, Flee


Flow, Flu, Flue


Flour, flower


Gorilla, Guerrilla


Grate, Great


Grease, Greece


Guesses, Guest


Hair, Hare


Heal, Heel


Hear, Here


Heroine, Heroin


Hole, Whole


Hour ,Our


Humerus, Humorous


Knight, Night


Knot, Not


Knows, Nose


Leak, Leek


Lightening, Lightning


Links, Lynx


Loose, Lose


Mail, Male


Marry, Merry


Miner, Minor


Misses, Mrs.


Moose, Mousse


Muscle, Mussel


None, Nun


Pause, paws


Pea, Pee


Peace, Piece


Plain, Plane


Pole, Poll


Peer , Pier


Pray, Prey


Profit, Prophet


Q, Cue, Queue


Quarts, Quartz


Rain, Reign, Rein


Raise, Rays, Raze


Read, Red


Resinate, Resonate


Ring, Wring


Road, Rode, Rowed


Role, Roll


Root, Route


Sail, Sale


Shoe, Shoo


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


Stair, Stare


Steal, Steel, Stele


Sundae, Sunday


T, Tea, Tee


Their, There, They're


Threw, Through


Throne, Thrown


Thyme, Time


Tic, Tick


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


List of confusing words


Wait, Weight


Which, Witch


Whine, Wine


Whoa and Woe


Y, Why


As you have gone through each image representation of the words, their meaning might have been self-explanatory.  All thanks to Bruce Worden, the brain behind these visual definitions of such easily misinterpreted words. He has been quite active on his blog, Homophones, Weakly, from where these ideas have been absorbed.