This Artist Depicts The Beauty In Long-Distance Relationships Through Her Super Cute Illustrations.

Long distance relationship illustration-A lot of people fear long-distance relationships as it takes a lot of effort to hold one. A lot of people firmly believe that distance rips a relationship to flames and staying close to one another makes a relationship work. Tabby, a comic artist, portrays the beauty and dark side of long-distance romance because she has a similar one!

She depicts her sadness and happiness through her beautiful comic illustrations, and she believes that love can be alive even if the two are planets apart.

Table of Contents

1. You first ever video calling with your significant other and the nervousness that follows.

Long distance relationship illustration


2. The time when they confessed their feelings for one another.

Long distance relationship illustration


3. The times when he would try to make you feel special. A little awkward at the start, but so glad at the same time.

Long distance relationship illustration


4. The nervousness of meeting her now official boyfriend!

Long distance relationship illustration


And not getting any sleep that night.

Long distance relationship illustration


5. Oh, and how many people she elbowed to reach her boyfriend!


6. The very first time she got to hug him.

Long distance relationship illustration


7. This illustration is about she took him around all places special to her and how each experience was different this time.

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8. Stuffing too much and then getting a good night’s sleep together.


9. Being able to be her true self around him, confident and naive!


10. Watching him go was indeed such an emotional and painful moment.


Being all by herself again and how everything shifted back to normal.

Long distance relationship illustration


11. Being bored without him but how her face glows up when she receives a call from him! Now, that is commitment.