Long-term relationships can be best explained through this comic

Catana comics, one of the leading comic page on social media platforms which perfectly illustrates regular routines between couples. This page is handled by a growing comic artist Catana Chetwynd. Through her comics, she represents their long-term relationships between a comic couple and their entire journey. When she initially started her blogging they both were just in the initial days of their relationship. Later on, they moved in together. Her boyfriend John is also very supportive and helps her in her work by giving her creative ideas. Here are few of her artistic work which one must see-

1) One of the random backrubs

2) Initial days of dating and two years later

3) Teasing and flirting with each other

4) The problem with the short height girls

5) The sweetest question and the honesty behind it which happens in reality

6) This one depicts the sweetest gesture which you receive by someone special after the long and tiring day. This is much more than being physical

An Artist Portrays The Happy And Sad Realities Of Long-Distance Romance