Major Differences between Loving Someone and Being in Love

Love is the most special feeling one can be blessed with. It is not just expressed between a couples in fact, it is a lot more than that. A love can be between parents and their children, between several members of the family, between friends or can be expressed for pets. But yes, there is a huge difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. People might not understand the difference between both of these terms but there is a wide gap which can cause a lot of trouble in future.
Check these highlighted points to find out whether you are in love with your partner or not-

1) Being in love isn’t by choice
One can easily choose the person they love but they can never decide with whom to be in love with. One can never select a person randomly and can fall in love with that person. Falling in love is a natural and smooth going process which happens itself with time.

2) Being in love means giving them priority
The person whom you are in love with is now the most important person for you. One will always try to make their partners happy and satisfied by planning new surprises, and will always make sacrifices to make them feel special.


3) True Love never ends
After a certain span of time, the couples who are not sharing a true love will be ending-up separately due to regular fights or disinterest etc. Because being in love will build a strong foundation for a relationship.

4) Being in love means maintaining balance
Maintaining a perfect balance between couples is also a positive sign. That means providing each other’s space with some good amount of time after few years is a perfect way for maintaining a healthy balance.

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5) Being in love involves emotions
This is true. If you’re in love with someone then that person will be your biggest weakness along with your greatest strength. You will experience yourself more sensitive and emotional as compared to earlier days.

6) Being in love means making them feel special
Telling your partner that how much they mean to you in several ways can make them feel special which will be your priority.

7) Being in love is about partnership
If you love someone, then that means you are trying to own them and that’s not right. If you really in love with someone then you both will share a beautiful bond and try to achieve a set target together. And that’s what is known as partnership.

8) Being in love is effortless
Being in love is effortless because it happens naturally and suddenly. You won’t know but all of a sudden a person whom you know for a while or met somewhere will become the most special part of your life.