Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

Makeup hacks-Makeup is the essential thing in every girl’s life, and every girl wants perfect makeup, so that’s why they try to perfect their makeup skills. For this, they sometimes join beauty courses which are very expensive. Because if you apply makeup then it should be perfect rather, you should not do it at all. Over makeup or imperfect makeup makes you clown because there are some important, useful and natural things which girls usually don’t know. If you are the one, then don’t worry at all because we will let you know about that. Five useful, fun facts given below.


Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

  • If you want a more intense look of your makeup, your lipstick should be in a perfect manner. Start to apply lipstick at your cupid’s bow by marking an X.
  • If you don’t want clown effect, choose the right color according to your makeup and vice versa. Make sure if you are choosing dark lipstick then your makeup should be simple.
  • Always blend harsh liplines of your lipstick for a beautiful look.

Eye Shadow:-

Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

  • To reduce oiliness and creased lids, before using eyeshadow always apply a primer.
  • If you want to apply bright color eyeshadow, use a combination with white shadow to get a more vibrant and intense look.
  • If you want an excellent stay in your shadow, use a good quality brush.


Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

  • If you are a liner lover make sure that is should be so perfect and look graceful. Make accurate and thin lines always. Avoid applying like a marker otherwise; it seems harsh.
  • When you are applying eyeliner get close to the mirror, and a little bit raises your head, chin down towards the mirror and look down and then use your eyeliner starting from your inner core to outer core.
  • Never look straight at the mirror while applying eyeliner.
  • Along with black eyeliner try some other colors according to your skin tone and dress.
Home-made Hair color Dye


  • To avoid clumps wipe off extra mascara using a tissue.
  • Eyes are the sensitive part of the body. Waterproof mascara contains more harmful chemicals than normal ones so avoid using them regularly.


  • For natural look always apply powder according to your skin tone.
  • Larger brushes help to apply powder more accurately.
  • Don’t use it regularly because it highlights wrinkles and hair along with aging.

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Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

  • Peach tone concealer is best to cover undereye circles and green for red spots. After applying these than use another layer that matches your skin tone.
  • If you want creaseless eye makeup, don’t use concealer as a base on your eyelid.
  • While applying concealer, first apply a small amount then leave it for drying. Then after this use the second layer.


Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

  • For facelift at the top of eyebrows trace brown colored pencil or powder.
  • Make sure when you are applying an eye pencil, your eyebrows should look natural.
  • Instead of dark eye pencil use eyeshadow with an angled brush.
  • If you have light or sparse eyebrows, fill them using eyebrows pencil.


Makeup Hacks Which Will Help You To Look Like A Model

  • For choosing the right color for your skin tone always try it on your jawline or chest.
  • To lighten your dark foundation mix it with concealer or powder of light color or apply it using a wet sponge.
  • Your foundation should be according to your skin tone.
  • Always apply primer first before the foundation.
  • Always use good quality foundations.