Medical facts that everyone must know to save a life one day

Medical facts-Another name of life is a risk. We all know that life is uncertain and anything can happen to anyone at any time. We can not run away from these problems, but we can find a solution for them. By reading below written article, you will get to know about a healthy lifestyle. If we can’t find a permanent solution to these problems, then we can be aware of them.

Heart attack

Medical facts that everyone must know to save a life one day


For our healthy heart, it needs a good blood supply. The heart attack occurs when oxygenated blood stops flowing to the core. If oxygenated blood is unable to reach even a single part of the muscle, it causes death.  Some symptoms are given below to predict a heart attack.

  • Chest discomfort – if you feel uncomfortable, pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain then do visit the doctor.
  • Shortness of breath can also cause the heart attack
  • Growing anxiety
  • Along with body pain if a patient can have pain in the neck, abdominal cavity, back, jaws, arms especially left arm there must be chances of a heart attack.
  • If your heart is unable to keep up with the body demands blood to leak into the lungs which gives rise to coughing n causes heart attack.

What to do:

Call the ambulance as fast as possible n take the patient to the hospital if you find these symptoms.

Cardiac arrest

Medical facts that everyone must know to save a life one day

Cardiac arrest occurs when your heart stops performing its functions. Many times cardiac arrest is confused with the heart attack, but both are different. The heart attack happened when blood circulation blocked to the heart whereas cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops beating. The heart attack is a circulation problem, and cardiac arrest is an electrical system malfunction problem. Given below are some warning signs to know the cardiac arrest

  • Sudden loss of reacting capacity. If the victim stops responding to your questions suddenly than he may have a cardiac arrest
  • Abnormal breathing. If a person feels challenging to breathe, then it may be due to cardiac arrest.
  • Blackout and weakness. When during exercise a person blackout or feel weaker than it may due to cardiac arrest.
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What to do:

  1. Call an ambulance as soon as possible.
  2. Give them mouth to mouth (CPR)
  3. If the person feels challenging to breathe then push hard and fast on the chest.


Medical facts that everyone must know to save a life one day

Stroke is also called a brain attack .its symptoms is a sudden and powerful headache. A stroke occurred when blood circulation stopped in some areas of the brain. It leaves brain cells with a lack of oxygen. A person can die due to this. Dead brain cells cause loss of memory and muscle control. Many people confuse head stroke with a heart attack. Given below are some symptoms to identify a heat stroke.

  • The weakness of face arms and legs of one side of the body.
  • Difficult in walking, understanding, speaking.
  • Swear a headache
  • Unable to see from one or both eyes.

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What to do:

Immediately call an ambulance to save the victims life

Coronary heart disease


It is also called ischemic heart disease which is due to the narrowing of coronary arteries which supply oxygen and blood to the heart. If blood circulation completely blocks, a heart attack may occur. Doctors suggest that taking a low dose aspirin every day may help to prevent heart attack and strokes at the age of 50 and above. The symptoms gave below.

  • If chest pain occurs in the middle or left side of the chest, then there is a possibility of CHD.
  • If someone feels difficult to breathe it means one’s heart doesn’t pump enough blood according to body needs.
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What to do:

  1. Provide emergency medical service to the patient
  2. Pursue a healthy lifestyle
  3. Took heart-healthy diet with the consultation of the doctor