Middle East and African Startups gain traction at AIM Startup 2019

Over 100 startups participated at the event

The Middle East and African Startups gain traction at AIM Startup 2019-Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, 9th April 2019: Over 100 startups and young
companies mostly from the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) convened at
the third edition of AIM Startup which runs in conjunction with Annual Investment
Meeting, held in Dubai until the 10th of April.

Being held under the theme ‘Harnessing Global Digitization to Empower Startups
and SMEs’, AIM Startup witnessed the participation from several MENA companies
including Darajtee, 360 Moms, Tarteeb, Takalam, Akyas from the Kingdom of Jordan;
Wako, E-pill Box, Go Diving, Ideabot, Diabetic Wound Detector from State of
Kuwait; and Telpay, Zayr, Adeeb Kids, Pocket Garage, Fastmovers from Oman. In
addition, companies from Lebanon included Formidable Industries, Groovy Antoid,
Neotic, Lemonade Fashion, Lexyom, and Augmented. Muammar, Pick Logistics, Maya
Clinics, Vigorous Antelope participated from Riyadh – Saudi Arabia and Firnas Aero,
Bab Makkah, Men Wall, Tagit Games, Passioneurs from Jeddah – Saudi Arabia.
Countries participating from Egypt included the likes of Garment IO, Epic VR,
WideBot, ZeroPrime Can Waste, and VoXera, whereas the UAE witnessed the
presence of companies as INVOIZ and several others.

The Middle East and African Startups gain traction at AIM Startup 2019

Middle East and African Startups gain traction at  AIM Startup 2019

These companies were selected during a roadshow pitch competition held in the
region. The selected startups now have the opportunity to participate in the final pitch
competition, where the best innovative minds in entrepreneurship will emerge as
winner of the annual competition and receive $50,000 seed money to support their
project on the last day of the event.

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While 360 Moms focused on its unique bilingual content and mamas reward cards,
Men Wall- a local brand of Saudi Arabia provided shaving and grooming products
made out of organic products through a subscription model. A spokesperson from
the company stated, “Start-ups are doing well in Saudi Arabia and the government is
offering the right support. We are here at this platform to raise funds worth 300000

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Another highlight of the competition was Taklaam- an app developed to help
individuals who suffer from stuttering. The app makes use of an internal speaker and
a hidden microphone, permitting individuals to speak more clearly. In addition,
INVOIZ, a UAE based-mobile app that encourages the use of e-receipts over paper
was another highlight of the event.

In addition, Augmentalan educational platform that uses artificial intelligence, Zayran
an online platform that helps travelers connect to local experiences and BabMakkah, an
an online platform that provides authentic and high-quality products from Makkah were
some other key participants at the event.

At AIM Startup’s third edition, Khalifa Fund is also showcasing its innovative services
and financing solutions for national SMEs. Mouza Al Nasri, Acting Chief Executive
Officer of Khalifa Fund, said: “KFED is always keen to participate in such important
events to interact with various stakeholders and meet local entrepreneurs and
owners of innovative SMEs. Our participation in this year’s edition of AIM Startup is
aligned with our commitment to engage with Emirati entrepreneurs and help nurture
their potentials, falling in line with our endeavors to create a more sustainable,
innovative, and integrated society in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.”

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Dubai South was another exhibitor at the global forum. Shoeb Alrahimi – Vice-
President of the Business Park at Dubai South said, “80 percent of the companies
with Dubai South are SMEs and to support SMEs in the aviation sector we also waived
fees for this segment. Our aim is to support young companies and our participation
at the event is a testament of the same.”

AIM Startup has over the years been counting on the continued support of the public
and the private sector to provide much-needed tools in learning and networking
platforms for investors and entrepreneurs. On the national level, the support comes
from National Program for SMEs and Projects, Sheraa, Sharjah Business Women
Council, Khalifa Fund, Dubai South, Wamda, Abu Dhabi Global Market, and many
more. From the international level, the AIM Startup is highly supported by BIAC, Wadi
Makkah, Monshaat, Mohammed bin Salman College and in partnership with Korean
Trade Association, Indian SME Chamber, Switzerland’s Solar Impulse Foundation,
and Brazil’s Mango Venture.