Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Mobile App For Startup

Mobile app development mistakes-The biggest companies, the wealthiest people, everything in their start with an idea. For some of them it was a company, for some it was just an App. So when deciding on a startup, most choose to develop an App with a view for the future. But, only a few among thousands make a massive profit out of it. So what can one do to ensure that the new App earns a name among the big boys like Facebook and Whatsapp? Well, first and foremost you need an idea, a unique concept that the people might need or like. If one has figured that part out, which is probably the hardest, for the rest the person needs to make sure that these mistakes mentioned below are avoided.

Mobile app development mistakes

  • Not paying attention to the User experience: What good is an app if the people it is meant for, don’t know how to use it? So UI and UX design are the most important to attract new users. A clumsy user interface will only result in the user uninstalling the app for good.
  • Too Much Bloat: Yes, everybody wants to make the best app with all the features available at the disposal. However, having too many bloats for too many unnecessary services or features will only make for a lagging app. Rather than confusing a new user, the idea should be to keep it minimal and hassle-free to operate.
  • Vague testing: Testing an app before realizing it in the store is mandatory for the development of the app. There are sets of tests available to check performance, security, UI, network, device, and platform. However, besides these core tests, any unnecessary tests should be avoided.
  • Marketing knowledge: You are not developing an app as a hobby in most cases, so you need to have a fair bit of marketing knowledge to make this thing to make some money. After the preparation, development, coding, everything is done, there are still some post-development phases to look into. Getting done with the development, and expecting results just by sitting back is not an option at all. The app has a purpose, so the developer needs to make sure that it gets that kind of exposure. For all this exposure to become a reality, a fair bit of marketing knowledge is very much needed.
  • Plans for long-term: Initial development before launch is not a job done for the developer. Development involves different stages, and post-development and maintenance are probably the most important ones. Once an app is launched, the developers need to make sure that their app is running as smoothly as predicted and the user base does not have any issues on their end. For this to happen, the developers need a follow-up plan to make this app a long-term success.
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