10 Photos Where You Cannot Make Out Who The Mom Is, And Who The Daughter Is.

Moms and daughters look the same age here are some of the pics of mothers and daughters. We care for our children more than we care for ourselves and we do not realize how are hair falls off, how the wrinkles begin to appear and how we start gaining weight. But here is what, some moms have managed to look timeless, irrespective of their age. They look just as good as their daughters and are setting up the right benchmarks for their girls!

We have collected some photos for you wherein you can’t make out the mother from the duet!


Anna happens to be a famous blogger, based in Sweden. She is 26 and works for fitness. Her mom has hit the 40s, yet they look like sisters!

9. Amber Le Bon and her mom Yasmin

Maber happens to be the oldest of her two siblings and is a model. Her mom, Yasmin is a model too and is 54 years old, who could guess?

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8. Anna Dinoto and her mom Maya Ilana

Anna is 14 years and her mum is 30. Woah.

7. Sonya and Vera Brezhneva

Sonya is the daughter of actress Vera Brezhenza. She turned 17 recently and her mom is a charming 36. Thye look like best pals in this picture!

6. Ava Phillippe and her mom Reese Witherspoon

Ava is the child of Reese Witherspoon, a Hollywood star who is 42. She looks so much like her mother and most likely carries a similar pathway as her mother.

5. Shaniece Hairston and her mom Evelyn Lozada

Shanice is 24 and is a model too who tracked her mother’s footsteps, who also happens to be a part of American TV. Her mother is 42, is a modleShaniece is 24 years old, she is a blogger, a model, and she has participated in a reality show. She followed in the footsteps of her mother Evelyn (42 years old) who is a star on American TV, a model, and a writer.

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4. Rumer Willis and her mother Demi Moore

Rumer is the apple of the eye to both her parents. Her dad, Bruce Willis is too famous and her mom Demi Moore is going to turn 56 this year.

3. Polina Maximova and her mother Svetlana Maximova

Polina is a famous Russian star and is 28. Her mom is an actress too and is 53 years old, Simply wow!

2. Navya Naveli Nanda and her mother Shweta Bachchan Nanda

Moms And Daughters Look The Same Age Here Are The 10 Unbelievable Photos
Navya and Shweta belong to the famous Indian families. Her 21 old daughter is a Bollywood star and her mom who happens to be  a journalist is 44.

1. Imani Evans and her mother Susan

Moms And Daughters Look The Same Age Here Are The 10 Unbelievable Photos

Imani is 26 and her mom is 50 years old. They handle their own very famous cooking blogs!

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