Most Suitable Workout According To Your Age

Workout according to your age-Young people have a higher endurance towards pain than older people, that is why some exercises are only suitable for a particular age group. Read more to find out what is best for you.

Exercising on a daily basis is a very healthy practice, indeed. To keep our body fit, physically and mentally, we need some exercise. It also helps in holding diseases at bay.

These days people have become more aware of keeping healthy, and thus we see an upsurge in the number of people spending hours in a gym. However, simply joining a gym does not guarantee a healthy body. You must know what is best for you or it might harm you in the long run.


Most Suitable Workout According To Your Age

For Ages 20-29

When people are in the third decade of their lives, their muscles are still growing, and the energy is at its best. A daily workout of about 30 minutes is good enough to assist in the muscle-building process. You can concentrate on cardio exercises like running (whether on the treadmill or in the open), cycling, jogging, etc. and you can also join a gym for the right push towards weight workout. Almost all exercises are suitable for this age group.

Do you look at perfectly toned bodies on Instagram and wish to be one of them? You should try the following exercises, under the guidance of a trainer:

  • Kickboxing

Most Suitable Workout According To Your Age

Kickboxing involves a combination of combat sports like kicking and punching. It is a hardcore workout, requiring explosive energy and a lot of stamina. It includes strict routine and high-speed drills. It is an excellent exercise if you wish to lose additional weight and gain muscle. It can also be used as a training exercise for self-defense.

  • Spinning
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Most Suitable Workout According To Your Age

This exercise requires a spinning cycle so you might have to join a fitness studio. Spinning is a cardio exercise and requires extensive stamina. Majorly, it is helpful in toning thigh and leg muscles.

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  • Boot Camp

Most Suitable Workout According To Your Age

You might have heard this term in many places; it is derived from the initial training that soldiers endure. It is a very difficult workout that requires high strength and stamina. It is not recommended for everyone as it involves drills like pull-ups, jumping jacks, windmills, etc. It is the ultimate workout if you think you can undergo such intensity.

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For Ages 30-39

When people reach their 30s, their metabolism begins to slow down, leading to a sudden gain in fat and difficulty in losing weight. Muscles weight starts to reduce along with the bone density, making it more necessary to keep a healthy workout routine.

The best exercises for this age group include cardio workouts such as walking, cycling, running, jogging or swimming at least five days a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Studies have shown that aerobics leads to an increase in the metabolic rate by up to 25%.


For Ages 40-49

In this age group, the natural ability of the body that upholds posture starts to diminish. To maintain a good posture, make sure that you include some balancing exercises along with a cardio workout. Pilates and yoga are exceptionally good exercises when it comes to regaining your posture and maintaining it.

For Ages 50 and Above

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Exercising at this age might sound difficult at first, but it is most important because physical activity helps in keeping all vital organs, like lungs and heart, fit. Simple exercises also control blood pressure, maintain cholesterol and help in avoiding diabetes, while also leading to a sound sleep.

You can opt for small exercises like golfing, walking in a park or even gardening. Just make sure that you are engaged in some physical activity even if it is just twice or thrice a week.

If you decide to engage in more physically demanding activities like swimming, then make sure you consult with your doctor beforehand.

Some activities you can include in your routine are:

  • Aerobics

To maintain healthy joints and keep your cholesterol levels in check, you should go for 5-minute sessions of light aerobics daily.

  • Raising Arms

Just raise your arms above your head for a few minutes to maintain your upper body strength and to help with the blood flow.

Start by slowly raising your arms, and make sure your back is straight, hold the posture for a few seconds then bring your hands back down. Repeat a few times.