Best nail growth remedies-Do you wish for long, beautiful and unbreakable nails with which you can flaunt just like celebs or models does? But are you trying to avoid expensive and time-consuming methods such as manicure? Don’t worry you are just a step away from trying these basic home remedies which can help you in maintaining your nails in a much easier way. Mainly there is just one protein that is responsible for nail growth and i.e. Keratin protein (of which nails are mainly composed of). There are several factors that are responsible for slow nail growth or behind weak nails and some of them include Hormonal Changes, Ageing, Chemotherapy, and Nutritional Deficiencies due to improper diet, etc. Also, it has been observed that biting of nail, frequent use of nail arts or using bad qualities of nail paint can result in the nail breakdown. So firstly you need to care for them in a better way.
And for that here we have the following list of five best Home remedies and the best part is that you can try out any one of them!!

Rubbing half a clove of garlic every night on nails can boost up its growth rate and can also improve its brittleness. It contains a mineral named selenium that basically makes our body to do well and since garlic is an anti-oxidant so it’s possible that due to this it helps in overpowering the speed of growth of your nails.

Nail growth remedies-How to grow nails faster home remedies?


It is one of the key solutions for improving weak nails and reducing their brittleness. Nail paints and acetones cause a lot of damage to your nails and results in the aging of nails or their change in color. Vitamin E oils contain antioxidants that help in protecting nails aging and heals dry nails. It also reduces the brittleness of nails and makes them durable. Apply vitamin E oil directly to your nail beds and cuticles and massage them gently every night and then cover your nails either by cotton or gloves before sleeping.

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Nail growth remedies-How to grow nails faster home remedies?
Tomato is an excellent and time-saving method for improving weak nails. It provides vitamin C which is good for weak nails. Prepare a mixture of one tomato and one tablespoon olive oil. Soak your fingers in this mixture for about 10-15 minutes and then wipe off the extra juice from nails. This will enhance nail growth.

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Nail growth remedies-How to grow nails faster home remedies?

One of the most easily available and cheaper remedies is using petroleum jelly. Wash your hands and apply a thin layer of jelly on your nail and cuticles and leave it for a few minutes until it penetrates inside it. Repeat it every day at least before taking a bath. Sooner it will say goodbye to weaker nails.

Nail growth remedies-How to grow nails faster home remedies?
Nails need a proper dose of keratin and for providing them one needs to maintain a proper diet. Eating healthy can reduce mineral deficiency and can also maintain a good health resulting in beautiful nails.
Just start loving and caring for your nails and surely they will love you back.

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