Need A Few Car Hacks? Hear The Driver’s Advice

Need a few car hacks? Hear the driver’s advice

Learning to drive a vehicle is just a basic thing. What is more important is the way you master and own your car or scooter. Let’s talk about cars here. The expenses you spent on your four wheelers is nothing as compared to the added responsibilities that come along with it. You have to tackle each difficult situation wisely, apart from understanding the road race. Do you know that some of your household items can be of best use to your motor vehicle? Read along to find out what the expert drivers have to offer you as a help.

#1 Clean and clear with olive oil

Clean and clear with olive oil


Olive oil is not simply good for your heart and hair, but also for your car. In the same way, as it detoxifies your body, so does it clean up the interiors of your vehicle. If you think that your car is losing its shine and becoming dull day by day, pick up a can of olive oil to fight off the issue. Pour out some oil on a cloth and use it to wipe through the consoles of your car. Avoid oiling the steering wheel to prevent the risk of future trouble. With this technique, you can be sure to flaunt your newly polished vehicle even better.

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#2 Nail polish on cracks

Nail polish on cracks

Are you facing hassles viewing the traffic because of the crack in the front mirror? There is a solution to it. It is quite likely that the crack can widen and affect the whole windshield gradually. To stop this from happening, apply clear nail polish over the damaged portion. Besides concealing the crack, it will repair and prevent it from spreading.

#3 Wax to freshen the air

Wax to freshen the air

A car always calls for some sweet aroma, right? You would not fancy the smell of the paints and the cushions on the seat. Therefore, you would look forward to buying the best air freshener for your vehicle. However, a wax melt can come in handy at this stage. You can place the wax inside a cup in your car, and when the surrounding temperature rises, it will melt away leaving behind a refreshing feel.

#4 Cannot resist your pets? Use squeegee

Cannot resist your pets? Use squeegee

For most of you pet lovers, it is impossible to leave behind your pet during traveling. Especially when it’s a long journey, you will enjoy their company. And it is without a doubt that how much ever you take care, you won’t be able to put a stop to the hairs shedding from their body. Not every time is the vacuum cleaner the hero. It won’t be possible to pull out all the furs stuck in the back seat. Thus it is advised that you make use of a squeegee. Comb the affected area of the seat using a squeegee after you wet the area.

#5 Bungee cord for your tablet

Bungee cord for your tablet

Do you know what you can use instead of a tablet holder? A Bungee cord, yes! It comes in as really handy, especially when you’re running out of time for a journey. You can place the tablet in the hooks once you adjust the cord in the headrest part of the seat.

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#6 Line it up

Line it up

You can easily use cupcake liners to fill up the cup holder in your car. You will find a variety of shades to match with the black or brown insides. Also, it would make it easier for you to clean the area by preventing unnecessary crumbs and pieces falling into the holder.

#7 Always vote for straight wheels

Always vote for straight wheels

This is one of the most significant concepts to keep you out of the danger zone. Even when you have to take an immediate turn, try keeping the wheels of your car straight. It is quite natural that it would be easier to keep them in the ready – go position towards the bent. However, the worst part is that in case you got hit by any vehicle from behind, you can run into the opposite lane creating more havoc.

#8 Scraping the ice off is now easy

Scraping the ice off is now easy

The ill effect of entering into the winter season with your car is the load of ice you might find every morning on it. You would merely not wish to scrape off each bit one by one. The possible solution is the direction you choose to park. Sunrises from the east, isn’t it? So, make your burden light and let the sunshine do its job. Park your vehicle facing the east such that all ice melts away in the heat of the sun.

#9 Head and key fob

Head and key fob

It is all about luck when it comes to finding out your vehicle from the bulk parking lot. Nonetheless, there is one method which will help you to locate it faster. Pressing the unlock button on your car key while aligning it next to your head is a tactic most people aren’t aware of. By doing so, your head extends the range of signal and acts as a conductor. This, in turn, makes it easier to get to your vehicle sooner.

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#10 Follow the truck sign

Follow the truck sign

If you have just begun your driving journey, then you can follow the path of the trucks to keep yourself in the safe side. Truck drivers generally coordinate among each other using radio to communicate the traffic details as well as the incidents of the accident. Therefore, when you see a truck slowing down, you’ll know which gear to turn.