New way for UPS trucks to deliver products efficiently and safely

UPS trucks-UPS, United Parcel Service, found out an interesting way to have a more efficient delivery service. They did it by introducing a no left turn driving for their trucks. Sounds a bit strange right? But actually, it is an efficient way to reduce even traffic accidents. Let’s look into further details about this new exciting approach.

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Reason for initiation of no left turn policy:

UPS trucks are a solution for delivering goods all around the US soil. But with the no left turn initiative UPS is currently saving $300 to $400 million every year. This is equivalent to the gallons of fuel saved by this new initiative.

As online retailers are growing with their business, the demand for goods to be delivered to people’s doorsteps is increasing. People want their goods delivered fast and safe. Now without the no left turn policy, the number of possibilities for providing just 25 packages or products could amount to 15 trillion. So this routing issue is indeed a nightmare for all the delivery companies. This issue is not only limited to the delivery service companies but also to the taxi services. They have been trying for a long time to ensure a better routing mechanism to provide better, safer and cheaper transportation.

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UPS started the no left turn a long time ago and ORION’s origin:

UPS found this solution 15 years ago and instructed their drivers to follow the idea while driving as they needed substantial evidence that it works, and now they do. Following this, UPS started its very own ORION routing system. This new system was based on the no left turn policy and makes daily routes for deliveries and pickups in an efficient manner. ORION was initiated in 2002 but was first officially launched in 2012.

Benefits of no left turn:

Efficiency was not the only reason for the initiation of the no left turn system. ORION’s introduction of the no left turn had two beneficiary effects. Firstly, we get better handling of stoplights. Secondly, safer transportation. Yes, left turns, in general, are way riskier than right turns, and it is evident in the statistics collected over the years.

The result is really shocking as the difference between risks involved in left and right turns are massive. The data says there is a 5.7% chance that there will be a crossing path crash when taking a right turn. On the other hand, the data says there is a 53.1% chance that there will be a crossing path crash when taking a left turn.

Left turns are also three times more likely to hit a pedestrian than a right turn. No matter where you reside, left turns are way more dangerous than right turns.


Can we implement the idea in our driving style:

Yes, it would work, but there is a requirement for it. Each and everyone needs to drive with no left turns, and it would ensure safer and fuel-efficient transportation. Even if a few drivers do not follow likewise, this will not work. However, one of UPS’s director said that he himself uses this system while driving his car.

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