One should avoid these people as their dating partner

In life, there are many situations where we meet certain people who later on leave a negative impact on our life with some bad memories. So to avoid such situation it is necessary to avoid these people in our life and start maintaining a distance. These people should be especially avoided as a dating partner as they are unbearable and won’t be trustworthy enough to hold on your secrets. Here is some type of people which one should avoid. Just have a look at them-

1) The one who criticise
These are the ones who will always criticise you. For instance, for your outfit or some other habits of yours.

2) Jealous people
These people are kind of over possessive and get easily jealous of your friends. Due to this habit, they never give space to their partner.

3) Liars
There are many people who are can never be trusted for anything. Such people should be avoided as they are not enough to hold on your secrets.

4) Those who love melodrama
Now, these people are the ones who have a constant habit of overreacting on every single thing and they always initiate the senseless fight.

5) Workaholics
These people always mix their professional and personal life. They are the ones who prefer to work even at home. So always try to avoid such people as they can never give you their time and attention.

6) One who is never satisfied
These people always have high expectation and will never be satisfied with your efforts.

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7) Selfish people
Selfish people always try to prioritize themselves and will try to fulfil their need. These people are self-centered and should be avoided.