Check Out These Onion Recipes For Your Hair

check out these onion recipes for your hair

Onion for hair-You must have tried out every single thing you find in your kitchen to improve your hair. Even though others might adore your bobs, curls, and blonde, you may be still not satisfied with how it looks. Yes, all of us yearn for betterment, however good it may be. Ever tried onions on your hair? Although, you might back away from the smell of onion or remember it as the very vegetable which makes you cry, yet it has great uses, especially for your hair. So, the next time you think of beautifying your hair a little more, think of onions. Grab an onion and mix it up with another handy provision for nourishing your hair.

Besides, hair thinning and falling are directly linked to anxiety and depression. Hence, it is high time that you fight it out bravely. You might feel low and lazy when it comes to looking after your long tresses. Howbeit, remember that every problem has a sound solution. You might have experimented with many face packs. Here, take a look at your essential hair packs.

Get a good go at some simple recipes made out of the onion and its juice to implement on your barnet.


# Coconut oil with onion

Messed up with your split ends? Use the fusion trick of onion and coconut oil. Make a mix of onion juice and coconut oil in equal proportion. Apply it thoroughly on your scalp and hair follicles. Cover your hair with a towel. Let it remain for half an hour before you rinse your hair.

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Owing to the nutrient content in the mixture, the growth of your hair will eventually shoot up with simultaneous revamp of its texture as well. The lauric acid in coconut oil will make your hair look shiny and smoother.

# Honey with onion

Team up the natural sweetener cum antioxidant, honey in your onion recipe for hair growth. It will help heal your hair thinning and prevent hair loss. The combination of honey and onion will augment the blood circulation, thereby increasing hair growth.

Chop up an onion and blend it finely with a half teaspoon of honey. Put on this combination on your hair and leave it for one hour. Wash off inside out with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

# Lemon with onion

Onion for hair-Onion juice recipes for hair

Add one tablespoon lemon juice in the same amount of onion juice. Spread it evenly down your scalp. Wash comprehensively after some time.

Lemon prevents hair from falling, in addition to warding off the smell of onion in your mixture. Thus, it acts as a pure conditioner also. This combo works well in treating dandruff and promoting hair growth.

# Water with onion

water and onion

Bring back your natural volume of hair and reduce hair fall with the onion water juice. This remedy is best suited to your wet hair. Extract the juice from an onion and take one part of it. Combine it with two portions of warm water. Spread the duo in your hair, especially on the follicles. Wrap your head with a towel. Wash your hair after half an hour.

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# Yogurt with onion

yogurt with onion

Yogurt is as nutritious as eggs for your hair. Add one tablespoon of yogurt over a finely cut onion. Prepare the mixture well and apply it on your hair. Massage your scalp all around. Allow it to stay for about 45 minutes. Cleanse thoroughly underwater using your regular shampoo.

You can get rid of your fungal scalp with the antifungal property of yogurt. Being a natural moisturizer, you are sure to get a perfect hair-do when mashed up alongside onion juice.

You might be fretting over why your hair doesn’t grow longer soon or why doesn’t it give out the perfect shine. Well, budge off your disturbing thoughts. Leave behind your old tries and take a new step to have a new look.

The sulfur content in onion is an excellent go-to to make your tresses more black, shiny and silky. It also adds bulk to your hair, making it look much dense and wavy. Furthermore, the onion is said to escalate the blood circulation level. Thence, boosting the hair follicles and nourishing it, thereby enhancing your hair growth. Without more ado, say yes to your good hair days regularly by following these common onion formulae!