Pain relieving Accu-pressure points on hands

Pain at different points of the body due to several reasons have been a major rising issue. It can be both mild and severe which can be bearable and unbearable respectively. Pain-killers have been considered the best solutions for reducing such pains but it has several side effects depending on the composition and concentration of the drug which has been consumed. Recently, it has been observed that a new branch of medicine can help in reducing these pains effectively without consuming any drug. This is known as Reflexology also known as zone therapy. It is a type of acupuncture which comprises of pressing certain points which can help in attaining relief from several pains. Here we listed four essential points present in our hands and when we press them each point helps in relieving pain from a particular body part.

1) Reducing Head and Neck Tension
• If you feel a pain on the right side then press this point present on the topmost part of the middle finger of the right hand with the help of a finger or nail.
• If the pain is on the left side then follow the same steps on the left hand.
• If you feel pain on both sides then you must press the fingers both side.

2) Reduce Nausea and Motion-sickness
For reducing the feeling of nausea and motion-sickness one must press the central portion of the ring finger of the right hand.

3) Reduce pain from Ears
If you are feeling pain in ears then you must press the lowermost part of the ring and pinky finger of the right hand.

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4) Reduce Sore Throats
Pressing the tip of the skin between the thumb and forefinger of right hand can help in treating the sore throats. If you’ll move towards the interior portion of the tip then it will help in the treatment of stomach related problems.