Perfect kind of dresses for these four types of figures

A women figure can be categorized in four different types based on these factors: Position of pelvis and bones, Distribution of body fat, the size and shape of the gluteal muscle, and the attachment of muscles with hip bone. For each kind of figure, we have mentioned the right kind of outfit for giving you a perfect and glamorous look. Have a look and select your kind of outfit-

1) Square Shape
In square shape, the structure of thigh and pelvic bone is flat from both sides resulting in no sharp curves to the figure. In other words, if the butt is small without any curve then it will result in a square shape.

Type of Outfit
Since these women possess a flat butt, then they should prefer a multi-layered outfit to add volume in their figure. They may also try velvet. If a dress comprises of a bow at the lower-back side then it may add volume and can give an elegant look.


2) Round Shape
In this kind of figure, the hips are much larger as compared to rest of portion. If you stand sideways in front of a mirror you can see the bulkiness of your hips from top to bottom resulting in a curve.

Type of Outfit
Such people should try a bottom flared dress to adjust the curves in a most appropriate way. The logic behind this is that the wider the bottom will be, the narrower the hips will appear. Deep neckline, quaint collars, and voila will add a perfect beauty.

3) Upside-down heart Shape
These women have a smaller butt at an upper portion and a wider but at lower portion. The shift from waist to hips is sharp.

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Type of Outfit
Empire style dresses with high waist will be suitable. Body fitting knee-length dress will also work.

4) V-Shaped (Upside-down Triangle)
In such shape, the lines of hips and pelvis match at the lower portion and result in a form of an inverted triangle. If your shoulders are wide as compared to your hips then there are chances that you might possess V-shape butts.

Type of Outfit
Such women should select a dress made up of light and smooth fabric which is assembled under breasts. Short length silk retro dresses are highly recommended.