Never Knew These Cartoon Characters Lived Amongst Us

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life-The future is in our hands, and we decide it well. Movies and animated series have also contributed to predicting future and Disney is the oldest creator of animated series. We always try and copy our favorite Disney characters; whether it was yesterday or today, the characters are still alive in our hearts. We see people those are Disney lookalikes walking by our sides on the streets or the hall roads. Some intentionally copy their favorites but some are lookalikes, and you cannot even miss any similarity. These 15 real-life characters you won’t believe have been existing ever since.

Elsa | Frozen

pictures of cartoon characters in real life


Isn’t she identical to Elsa from the movie Frozen? The chick is so dedicated to this character that she tried every little detail and copied her favorite style to look like her. Theme park workers are dedicated to their work and would do anything to make their customers happy, so she did.

Gru | Despicable Me

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

Someone on the train today showed similarity to Gru from Despicable Me, and I was shocked. He was too glad to look like one of the most liked Disney super villains of the time. Where is he headed to?

Mrs. Potato Head | Toy Story

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

Isn’t Nicki Minaj a lookalike to Mrs. Potato Head? All the Nicki fans before the heart pumps, this is a hilarious comparison ever made. Never thought of Nicki being similar to Mrs. Potato Head, but the images have a different story to tell.

Minions | Despicable Me/Minions

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

Disney Minions will stay for a long time.  These fans have shown that their army is no less than the minion army. The command is always there to support their favorite teams. The army is still ready to fight the riots and will prove to be the bigger army than minions.

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Leela | Futurama

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

She might not be one of the Disney characters, but she is also one of the most followed characters. This lady got the lip-injections, that got her these big lips that made her look similar to Leela of  Futurama, this is the funniest thing on the internet.

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Lili | Lilo & Stitch

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

We do miss this show and would love it if we get it back on our television sets. Lilo and Stitch are forever. This girl has slayed the character! Hopefully, she’s got her acting chops up.

Merida | Brave

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

Merida from Disney’s Brave is the only character who broke down the patriarchal norms and proved to be the Badass* young woman. The theme park worker portrayed the role well and is entertaining the youth at Disneyland.

Meg Griffin | Family Guy

The most critically acclaimed character from the television series Family Guy, she is the unforgettable one. But, the lady on the right is the real-life Meg we can ever see.  So now, you can see Meg Griffin in real and flesh.

Gadget Hackwrench | Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip n Dale rescue rangers were one of the best shows of the ’80s and ’90s. All these mouse-based cartoon characters are nowhere to be seen now. This young lady killed the look and had done the cosplay well.

Flash | Zootopia

Pictures of cartoon characters in real life

Zootopia is one of those films that entertained both the adults and the kids. But this lady copies the sloth character very well. Isn’t this funny? We don’t know if she is high on alcohol or acting up, whatever the scene is she slew!

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The Simpsons | The Simpsons

The only long-lasting animated series, the family that copied them, seems to be a fan. From painting themselves to yellow and putting up bulging eyes, the family is dope.  No matter what but their efforts are worthy.

Yubaba | Spirited Away

Not everyone would be familiar with this animated movie, Spirited Away. It is a Japanese movie with the character of Yubaba, the main antagonist. And this lady is a pure reflection of Yubaba; she might be a sweetheart than yubaba was. Both share some facial similarities.

Ned Flanders | Simpsons

“The classic thick, ’80s mustache and glasses combination will not remind us of Ned. Not to mention, one of our favorite episodes of The Simpsons where Flanders snaps in front of the entire town. Classic.”

Jessica Rabbit | Trail Mix-Up

At one point everybody had a crush on Jessica Rabbit! Another animated cartoon character but the most seductive one and in our young minds and the live-action version of her is everything we could have imagined so, can you blame us? From animated characters to real life, our favorite characters walk amongst us.